The Maverick by Jennifer Millikin _ Release Day & Review

The Maverick by Jennifer Millikin is now live!

I’m not a gambling man, but for her, I’m willing to bet it all.

I know you’ve heard about me. 
The middle Hayden brother, the one whose wife ran off. 
I’m not the short-tempered new owner of the Hayden Cattle Company, like my big brother. I’m not the wild stallion with a mystery ax to grind, like my little brother. 
I’m Warner Hayden. Single-father, second-in-command of my family’s ranching dynasty, and my steady, secure world is about to get rocked by America’s sweetheart. 
I’d heard Tenley Roberts was coming to our small town to film her latest movie, I just didn’t think she’d be driving a 1976 Bronco. So, no, I didn’t know the identity of the beautiful stranger I helped on the side of the road, but I figured it out a few days later. And I haven’t been the same since. 
Tenley is unexpectedly funny, and complicated. I’m recently divorced, fearful of the way she makes my heart beat double-time, and gun-shy.
Despite all this, we’re too wrapped up in each other to care. 
But then things with Tenley take an unforeseen turn, and everyone assumes I’ll take my licks the way I always have. 
Not this time. 
Maybe I am the nice, dependable brother. 
But I’m also a Hayden, born and bred. 
And this bull has horns.

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Millikin is a contemporary romance and women’s fiction author. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, two children, and Liberty, her Lab who thinks she’s human. Jennifer loves to cook, practice yoga, and believes chips and salsa should be a food group. 
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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Maverick
 is the second stand alone in Jennifer Millikan’s Hayden Family series. This one is about middle Hayden brother Warner and a holly wood actress named Tenley. The two have an instant connection. However, Warner is still feeling for his new reality as a divorced dad of two and Tenley is at the point in her life where she wants the wedding and kids. With two different plans for the future Tenley doesn’t have much choice but to walk away before she hurts her heart any further.

“It’s official. Warner and I were lovers in a past life. There’s no other way to explain the raw attraction I feel. “

This was a rough one on the heart. You feel so bad for Warner. He’s a great dad, a loyal husband and held out hope for reconciling with his wife/childhood sweetheart. When that hope is crushed he is kind of set a drift and has trouble coping with his strong feelings for Tenley. He is a gentle heart and even though he doesn’t come right out and say he loves her you know it from his words and actions. Tenley was a fantastic character! She was fun, determined, caring, and confident. I loved how she didn’t tip toe around her feelings concerning Warner, she is up front about them. She definitely took charge of their physical relationship but did it in a way that took Warner’s situation into consideration. You could feel the love between them from the pages when they take the intimate step .

“No kiss has ever felt so good, so right, so earth shattering. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will never be the same after this.”

Overall, The Maverick is another wonderful romance from author Jennifer Millikin, and I’m excited for the next brothers’ story!
—Written by Amanda—-

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