In the Key of The Family by Makenna Lee_ Book Review

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Big-city free spirit meets small-town cop. And a symphony begins…

A homestay in Oak Hollow is Alexandra Roth’s final excursion before settling in to her big-city career. Officer Luke Walker, her not-so-welcoming host, isn’t sure about the “crunchy” music therapist. Yet his recently orphaned nephew with autism instantly grooves to the beat of Alex’s drum. Together, this trio really strikes a chord. But is love enough to keep Alex from returning to her solo act?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

In the Key of Family 
by Makenna Lee is a wonderful heartwarming romance centered around family and love. I adored the authors previous release in the Harlequin Special Edition line and I enjoyed this one just as much.

Officer Luke Wilson is adjusting to his new normal of being a father to his autistic nephew Cody. He’s changed his player ways and is focused on raising his nephew in a steady solid home. Before this life change he had already rented out his spare room to Alex, whom he assumed was a male. Alex is short for free spirited Alexandra and becomes his new house mate for the time being. He has to keep his instant attraction to her in check and remember his goals with Cody. But when she forms an easy bond with his nephew and brings life back to their lives, will he let his guard down and open his heart to someone who doesn’t plan to stay.

“Once he started going down this road with Alexandra, he feared he’d want…everything.”

I instantly loved Alexandra’s character. A genuinely kind-hearted person who channelled her feelings into music and art. She cared about those around her and her reasons for being in the small town of Oak Hollow will tug on your heartstrings, I won’t spoil anything, but I shed a tear during one or two scenes. I also loved the bond she formed with Cody. I myself have an autistic son, and they really take a certain level of patience and care that not everyone understands. Every interaction between them put a smile on my face. Then we have Luke who I admired for becoming the parent that Cody needed and how he put Cody’s needs before his own. However, his behavior on more than a few occasions towards Alexandra made me want to shake him. He was trying to protect his heart, but he had a tendency to jump to conclusions and judge which was frustrating. Yet, when he does let down his walls with Alexandra they are passionate, affectionate and adorably sweet.

In the Key of Family
 was an absolute pleasure to read, and I’ll definitely be recommending to my Harlequin romance loving friends. I am also very excited to the third book in this small town series because I have no doubt it will be just as great.

—Written by Amanda—

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