Redemption on Rivers Ranch by Kathy Douglass _ Book Review

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The return of his childhood friend

leads to the fresh start he never expected

Horse rancher Carson Rivers has his own emotional demons. There’s no place in his life for a divorced single mom pulling at his heartstrings. But when Gabriella Tucker and her adorable children move next door—the place of her favorite childhood memories—Carson’s tempted to help the heart-guarded beauty make more adult memories. Maybe Gabriella and her kids are the healing balm he’s been yearning for…


[I received a digital copy from Netgalley for an honest review]

Redemption on Rivers Ranch 
is a friends to lovers romance by Kathy Douglass. It’s also a single parent romance with two kids that will warm your heart.

Gabriella is headed to spend the summer with her kids at the place she spent every summer up until 15 years ago. She has amazing memories being at her Aunt’s and spending every moment with her best friend Carson. Since her divorce and her kids’ father not stepping up, she wants to give her kids’ the same happiness she had. Both Carson and Gabriella pick right up at being friends but now that they are grown , attraction has been added to the equation. They both suffer from having their trust broken by people they loved and with the Gabriella’s kids to consider they are hesitant to explore their more than friendly feelings.

“The sound of his deep baritone voice reached inside her and her heart skipped a beat.”

I quite enjoyed Gabriella and her children Jason and Sophia , and when you threw Carson into the mix they made a cute little family unit. Carson was wonderful with the kids and quickly cared for them as if they were his own. I loved how Gabriella slowly let herself be more than just a mom and get back to her roots. I feel like kids in a romance can be tricky to write perfectly, you don’t want them to completely take over the adults connection and romance, but you don’t want them to be a complete side note. Kathy Douglas did a great job incorporating them into Gabriella and Carson’s love story and creating great family moments between them all.

Redemption on Rivers Ranch
 is a low drama and very low steam romance, very Hallmark movie vibes. We are given a few steamy kisses but besides that just lots of yearning from both main characters. Overall, this was a sweet friends to lovers family romance.

—Written by Amanda—

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