Sugar Moon by Ali Dean _ Book Review

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A shy musician surrounded in mystery and a spunky athlete with irresistible allure can’t deny their attraction when they find themselves as roommates. There’s a tacit understanding they are off limits to one another, as neither one wants to risk getting involved with a long-time local and dealing with the inevitable awkwardness that would ensue. But when you live with someone, boundaries get blurred, and hearts get involved, despite best intentions. And when one of them has a secret identity, it’s bound to get complicated. 

[I received a digital arc for an honest review.]

Sugar Moon
 is the second standalone in the Vermonters Forever series by Ali Dean. A small town romance with the roommates turned friends with benefits trope.

Charlie’s best friend moves out of their apartment and since she doesn’t do well being alone, she needs a roommate. Tanner has found himself abruptly in need of a new place to live and takes Charlie up on her spare room. Being roommates should be easy if they can both ignore the sexual attraction they have always felt for each other. When the tension in their new friendship becomes too much to ignore they decide to go the friends with benefits route. When their arrangements ends because of secrets, will they be able to salvage any sort of relationship.

“But being with Charlie, it bridged this gap between solitude – filled with words and notes and worlds made up in my mind- and reality.”

Sugar Moon
 has a strong opposites attract situation going on between Charlie and Tanner. Charlie is an outgoing extrovert, always on the move and uncomfortable being alone. Tanner is happy being by himself, working on his music and his writing. I thought it was so sweet that they both had crushes on each other in the beginning of the book before they begin any sort of friendship/relationship. Charlie was such a great character, one I could see myself being friends with . Come on, coffee and ice cream for breakfast is genius, and I’m stealing the idea ! 😂 Tanner is as just a sweetheart, and I loved his penchant for blushing so easily. While this is a slow burn romance for them as a couple, it is much steamier than the first book in the series. When Charlie and Tanner start being intimate, they don’t hold back from their attractions and can’t keep their hands to themselves.

“I’m not only on fire for his touch, it’s his heart, his trust, his damn soul I want.”

Sugar Moon
 has steam, a great group of friends, two pups and extracurricular activities including running, ultimate Frisbee and snowboarding. I am loving this small town series by Ali Dean and look forward to more of the friends getting books.

—Written by Amanda—

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