House on Sunshine Corner by Phoebe Mills _ Book Review

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This captivating enemies-to-lovers romance about a daycare teacher who clashes with a brooding dad is perfect second-chance love story for fans of Debbie Mason.

Abby Engel has a great life. She’s the owner of Sunshine Corner, the daycare she runs with her girlfriends; she has the most adoring grandmother (aka the Baby Whisperer); and she lives in a perfect hidden gem of a town. All that’s missing is the thing she wants the most: a family. But after a stint of online dating and a string of bad blind dates, she’s ready to give up. And then her ex-boyfriend (aka the love of her life) walks back into town…

Carter Hayes has no intention of staying in Heart’s Hope Bay. He’s there to help his sister out for a few weeks, and then he’s back on a plane to Las Vegas. But small-town living has its appeal, and it’s not long before Carter’s reminded of just how much he loves his hometown…and the one woman he’s never been able to forget. But after breaking her heart all those years ago, can Carter convince Abby that he’s her happy-ever-after?

[I received a physical copy for an honest review]

The House on Sunshine Corner 
is the debut novel of author Phoebe Mills. A sweet small town romance about high school sweethearts reconnecting.


Abby is happy with the path her small town life is taking, the only thing missing the is the thing she wants most in the world, a husband, and children of her own. Carter has managed to stay as far away from his small hometown as possible since high school and has no plans of moving back ever. He’s only visiting for a few weeks to help out his sister and niece. He doesn’t plan on running into his ex around every corner, or being unable to resist his still present connection to her. Love wasn’t their problem in high school it was the fact the both had very different plans for the future. Casual between them isn’t a smart idea when hearts are already involved from the start.

“There was only one person in the world, by merely speaking, could send shivers racing down her spine, igniting long forgotten memories in their wake.”

This book is filled with a lovely cast of characters and the small town setting I adore. Abby is a sweetheart and Carter is charming, even if he’s more than a bit stubborn. The have a playful sort of connection with each other has if no time has passed between them. While trying to avoid a situation destined to end in heartbreak, there’s a decent amount of sexual tension between. When they give in, we are treated to steamy open door intimate scenes that prove that it’s more than casual between them from the start.

The House on Sunshine Corner
 is a sweet, slightly steamy small town romance. A great debut novel by Phoebe Mills, and I look for3ward to reading more books she writes in the future.

–Written by Amanda—

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