Gold Wings Rising (Skybound #3) by Alex London _ Book Review

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In the final installment of this LGBTQ fantasy series, Kylee and Brysen must fight for their lives and their humanity. Book 1 was a Today Show Book Club Pick!

The war on the ground has ended, but the war with the sky has just begun. After the Siege of the Six Villages, the ghost eagles have trapped Uztaris on both sides of the conflict. The villagers and Kartami alike hide in caves, huddled in terror as they await nightly attacks. Kylee aims to plunge her arrows into each and every ghost eagle; in her mind, killing the birds is the only way to unshackle the city’s chains. But Brysen has other plans.

While the humans fly familiar circles around each other, the ghost eagles create schemes far greater and more terrible than either Kylee or Brysen could have imagined. In the final installment of the Skybound Saga, the tug-of-war between love and power begins to fray, threatening bonds of siblinghood and humanity alike.

[I received a physical copy for an honest review]

“Whatever happens up there, I need you to know that. You are enough just as you are.”

Gold Wins Rising 
is the conclusion of the Queer YA Fantasy series, Skybound by Alex London. One war has ended and another one has begun, and our leading heroes find themselves still smack dab in the middle. Kylee and Brysen have to find a way to end the war with peace instead of bloodshed, and convince all those around them to do the same. They may start out on opposite sides, but in the end have to work together to build a better future for everyone.

Gold Wings Rising
 starts off at a high and continues non-stop until the end. An abundance of violence, fighting and bloodshed while Kylee and Brysen try to hold on to their humanity and try to make the right choices. This one put my emotions through the ringer and made my heart stop more than once. In my opinion, this was a completely satisfying ending for the twins. Brysen and Jowyn have been added to my list of favorite couples and I’ll never forget them ❀

—Written by Amanda—

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