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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Pick Me By May Archer

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The Sunday Brothers, Book 1

The job at Sunday Orchard was supposed to be temporary. A chance to gain some work experience. To have some fun. To get away from my overprotective brothers. To maybe, possibly encounter some lumberjacks in their natural habitat before moving on to the dream career that awaited me in the city. I had not expected to be welcomed into a family of gorgeous and weirdly efficient lumberjack-types myself. Or to find a purpose in the tiny Vermont town whose claim to fame seemed to be apple-based products and copious amounts of charm. And I most definitely hadn’t expected to fall for Knox Sunday, my grumpy, burly, fifteen-years-older, reluctant roommate, with his infuriating lectures, his hot-as-fire body, his superior attitude, his snarky humor, and his stealth cuddles. Now I find myself making excuses to delay my big dreams… just for a little while. But Knox has unfulfilled dreams of his own. A career he walked away from. A big city life in Boston he left behind when he returned to his hometown to help his family. He claims he’s not looking for anything permanent, and I’ve never been one to put down roots. My big life is waiting for me somewhere other than Little Pippin Hollow. So why does it feel like I’ve finally found the home of my heart? And how can I get Knox Sunday to… pick me?

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Have you ever had someone take an instantaneous and irrational dislike to you? I had not… until I’d arrived at Sunday Orchard. When I’d finally, finally pulled down the long driveway from the road, it had been the golden hour. The place had been gorgeous in the early evening light—menacing cattle aside—and very nearly empty, since the Orchard was closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Webb had greeted me with a handshake and introduced me to his uncle Drew, his sister Emma, his son Aiden, and his younger brother Hawk, all of whom had been welcoming and friendly and lovely. He’d shown me briefly around the office and given me a plate of dinner they’d kept warm for me. Then he’d helped me drag my big suitcase up to my new barn-apartment. I’d been so tired from the drive that I’d nearly been sleepwalking at that point, so I hadn’t seen Knox emerge from the apartment’s tiny bathroom dressed in nothing but a low slung towel until I’d walked smack into his naked chest and bounced off it. He’d been startled, obviously, and he’d reached out his hands to steady me, while I’d tried very hard not to chub up right then and there, because ohmyflippingGod, he was the guy from the picture. That the guy from the picture. The happy-go-lucky one with the devilish grin that made my stomach fizz like pop rocks. And he was standing right in front of me, close enough that I could watch the lucky little water droplets cascade from his beard down his thick, muscular shoulders. I would swear to you until my dying day that when I first glanced up at his face, his fingers had clenched around my biceps for half a second and his eyes had flared with interest—with want—like Webb hadn’t even been in the room with us. And at that moment, you could have told me that Vermont contained nothing but rabid tourists and homicidal cows, and I would have told you it was all worthwhile, because holy shit, lumbersexuals were even hotter in their natural habitat. But then Knox had taken a step back, given me a single up-down, from the toes of my worn Birks to my Mordor Fun-Run t-shirt, and proclaimed, This child is the programmer you’re paying an arm and a leg for, Webb? The one you expect me to share an apartment with? For fuck’s sake, the kid was supposed to be here hours ago. He can’t even tell time.” Then he’d stalked off to his bedroom, leaving me gaping after him while Webb stammered out a lame-assed explanation about Knox’s “minor health issues” forcing him to leave his “dream job” in New York, and how he was having a “tough time adjusting” and blah blah blah. Like that was an excuse to be rude to someone? Please.

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About the Author

May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, finding inventive ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it. She also writes MF romance as Maisy Archer. Sign up for her newsletter at: https://www.subscribepage.com/MayArcher_News


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Pick Me
 is the start of the Sunday Brothers series by May Archer. A small town romance set on an apple orchard between an energetic computer whiz and a grumpy older man.

Knox is back on his family’s apple farm for a mental vacation after suffering panic attacks caused by his stressful city life and job. He never planned on staying permanently and the last thing he needs to add to his stress is his instant attraction to the farm’s new hire Gage, whose 15 years younger than him. Gage wants to start his own business but before that can happen he needs experience, so he takes a temporary job revamping Sunday Orchard’s website and other work systems. He doesn’t see the harm in indulging in a fling with the sexy older man since they both don’t want a relationship. Gage wants to explore their attraction while Knox wants to avoid it, but when the sexual tension comes to a head what starts casual quickly feels like so much more.

“I’d never wanted anything more than this man. In fact, I couldn’t imagine ever wanting anything as much as Knox Sunday.”

Pick Me has a great cast of characters including our leading men Knox and Gage. Knox really took me a while to warm up to. He was grumpy, rude, stubborn, frustrating and you get the point… {{sigh}} If I had to read him stress over the age gap one more time 🙄 However he eventually one me over with the tender moments he uncovered later on with Gage. Gage was just a big bundle of rambling happiness. His constant poking at Knox just to get a rise out of him was chuckle worthy. Together they were sweet and the intimate scenes were steamy and well written.

One of the things I loved about the story was the importance of Knox taking care of his mental health and Gage supporting him talking to his therapist more and really put in the effort. Another part I loved was all the cameos from the author’s other series. If you’ve read Whispering Keys, you will recognize more than a few names in this one because the lead Gage is a brother of the family that series is centered on. Since Gage connects with his family back home in Florida a few times, there’s some quality Goodman conversations.

The grumpy sunshine trope made Pick Me by May Archer an entertaining small town romance and with that ending I can’t wait for the next brother’s book. 

—Written by Amanda—

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Pick Me by May Archer is the first book in the Sunday Brothers series. Gage Goodman has a great life in Florida with his meddling family but needs to stretch his wings and get job experience after completing his mathematics and computer science degree. He finds himself a little slice of New England heaven in Little Pippin Hollow Vermont with the Sunday family immediately taking him in as one of their own. All except his roommate and overall grump Knox Sunday. As hard as Gage tries he can’t seem to get Knox to open up to him or get over his lust for the efficient yet distant man. But even Knox can’t ignore the chemistry between them and Gage finds himself charming the grump. With the deadline to finish the Sunday project looming Gage and Knox are forced to decide where they stand with each other and what their job futures hold. 

Knox has tried to keep his mental health struggles at bay by taking a sabbatical in Vermont at his family’s orchard. He has been enjoying his time reconnecting with his family and just enjoying the slower pace Vermont has to offer when Gage blows into his life like a gust of sun shining wind with his constant chatter, contagious happiness and youthful exuberance towards everything. Knox struggles to accept that Gage is so much more than his age and that the lightness he feels when he finally gives in may just be worth putting those age related concerns aside. Their chemistry is felt coming off the pages in waves as the two men realize there is so much more to being together than just sex. The secret cuddle obsession of Knox’s really made me warm up to him because there definitely was a struggle to connect with him for almost half of the book. 

Knox, who was a closet stealth cuddler, pretending to fall asleep on one side of whoever’s bed we happened to end up in at night, only to plaster himself up against my side once he thought I was asleep, wrap his arm around my waist, and thread out fingers together.” 

Gage Goodman is exactly what the Sundays needed. He provides support and assistance to all the Sundays in their endeavors and appreciates and embraces the weirdness of small towns and meddling families. Gage antagonizes Knox for good reason since he doesn’t need his age constantly thrown in his face since he is a college graduate and functioning adult who is just looking to enjoy Knox’s company. Watching Gage struggle trying to put his feelings behind him when Knox regularly tells him nothing is going to happen between them and then gets mixed signals from Knox when out in Boston (MULTIPLE TIMES) made me sad for Gage and grumpy with Knox. Gage is forced to untangle what happens with Knox as well as trying to determine what direction his employment future will head. He knows long term he wants to help but corporate america shows it’s ugly head leading him to question where he goes next.   

“And honestly, it wasn’t hard to be happy when Gage was around. In fact, it was almost impossible to be broody. The man was so damn excited by the simplest things in life that he made everyone around him feel excited, too. It was a goddamn excitement plague, and I wasn’t even trying to fight it anymore.” 

Pick Me is the start of May Archer’s specialty, a quirky small town filled with unique characters looking for love and acceptance. I already know I am in love with the Sunday brothers and can’t wait to see where she takes Webb and Hawk’s stories. We haven’t had the joy of meeting the two other brothers but already sign me up! Age gap tropes are hit and miss for me as there is sometimes just too much emphasis on age and what that means for the MCs. Knox is like a dog with a bone about it until he just gives in to the happiness that being with Gage affords him. Gage on the other hand is an old soul in the sense that age isn’t going to be a factor that keeps him from trying to be the best he can be for Knox. 

4 stars for Gage’s ray of sunshine lighting up Knox’s world. 

—Written by Katie—

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