Hostile Takeover by Lucy Lennox_ Blog Tour & Review

“An enemies-to-lovers thrill ride! Sexy, gripping, clever and relentlessly good!” – #1NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely

Hostile Takeover, an all-new enemies to lovers mm romance by Lucy Lennox is now available!

It was supposed to be a prank. A silly frat boy dare.

One hot moment in a hidden storage closet. One kiss. No consequences.

But if you get that close to a man with fire in his eyes, you’re gonna get burned, and I was no exception. One taste of Grey Blackwood ruined me for life.

The way Grey sees it, I was the one who did the ruining. I humiliated him. Wrecked his life. Destroyed his future.

Doesn’t matter that he’s clawed his way back and then some. Doesn’t matter that he’s already top of the Wall Street food chain. The man’s ruthless. Heartless. And he likes his revenge served cold.

Now he’s taking down the companies owned by every frat boy who did him wrong. And when he comes for my family’s company, the quiet life I’ve built for myself far away from Manhattan comes crumbling down, too.

But when Grey’s standing in our boardroom, threatening a hostile takeover and demanding I negotiate on behalf of my family, I don’t see an enemy. I see the chance I’ve been waiting for.

The chance for another night in his arms, and hopefully a whole lot more.

Let the negotiations begin.

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Meet Lucy Lennox Lucy Lennox is finally putting good use to that English Lit degree earned way back in the 1900s. She stays up way too late each night reading M/M romance because she is a sucker for a good story.

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Hostile Takeover by Lucy Lennox is a new standalone romance where revenge is on the table but love gets in the way. Grey Blackwood has spent years systematically taking apart the world of old money families involved in finance after being the pit of a prank gone wrong fifteen years earlier. His final act is to bring down the York family firm and teach Ellison York a lesson in destroying lives. But Ellison York isn’t who Grey pictured him to be and when the two spend time together both in business and pleasure the results are explosive. But putting the past behind them isn’t easy and both men must decide if being together is worth compromising their previously planned futures. 

Grey Blackwood is a complicated man. He is two sides of a coin, one side being a cutthroat business man who takes down companies in the blink of an eye and doesn’t look back at the carnage he leaves in his wake. The other side is a man from a working class family who just wants to help others achieve their dreams and give them a helping hand to do so. He is immediately conflicted about Ellison even as he fights his ever growing feelings for him. Ellison turns out to be just what Grey never knew he needed. 

“Grey Blackwood made sure I had running shoes whenI wanted to move, extra food off his own plate when I wanted to eat, and strong arms around me when I needed reassurance. The boy who’d never quite fit in had grown into a man who’d cleared the obstacles from my path and taught me what love truly meant.” 

Ellison York has struggled under the weight of familial expectations his entire life. Once he feels as though he’s finally gotten out from under his father’s thumb, Grey comes in and changes his entire life. He finds a connection with Grey that he has never experienced with another person and decides then and there that he is willing to do anything to keep him and Grey moving forward towards a future together. Although Ellison takes some steps that leave you shaking your head, you know that he’s doing what he thinks will help make Grey’s dreams a reality even at the expense of his own. 

“The kiss was shockingly good. Easy and natural. Our lips fell into rhythm together like they’d always been meant for this, always been meant to be together, lazily stroking each other and searching for more.”

This book had me hooked and pulling a who needs sleep when I have this book to read kind-of night. I fell immediately in love with Grey and Ellison. The two men had chemistry that was quintessential Lucy Lennox and still had you feeling all the feels while they worked their way towards figuring out a future together. There are a lot of business terms but even with my limited knowledge I didn’t feel overwhelmed. You get a lot of quality Marcel trying to executive assist Grey’s personal life just as much as his professional and you get some Luca sightings too (read their novella it’s precious). 

5 stars for two men mixing business with pleasure and getting the best results.  

–Written by Katie—

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