Ethan & Jag Destroy the World by Maz Maddox _

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Jagmarith, Demon champion of the Blood Wars, detests festivities.

He’s certainly not a fan of humans or their ridiculous holidays.

Winter festivals. Celebrations of flowers. Misshapen hearts to symbolize love. All pointless and weak.

Unfortunately, his feelings are not taken into consideration when he’s summoned by ancient magic to the human realm.

Stolen from his home in Hell, Jagmarith is now at the mercy of a bumbling, adorable human named Ethan, who has accidentally bound Jagmarith to him. Now, Jag must endure grueling human holidays like Christmas and pretend to be a nice human boyfriend to the man who summoned him.

The fake boyfriend role has been very trying.

But along with the upcoming Halloween party and fuss over finding the perfect ghoulish decorations, not to mention the very odd feelings he’s developing for Ethan, there’s that little matter of the impending Armageddon to deal with.

Jag is not pleased.



[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

“Save the world. No Pressure.”

Ethan & Jag Destroy The World by Maz Maddox is technically two novellas, the first was previously released as a holiday freebie and the author enjoyed the characters so much she continued their story. Ethan accidentally summons Jagmarith, a demon, and the only way to send I’m back is to have him be his pretend boyfriend to make Ethan’s ex jealous. Holiday movie watching and baking lead to a connection between the human and demon that makes Jag in no rush to return to his world. With the terms of his summoning not complete, it may lead to the description of earth as they know it. In the end, they will have to choose between earth and being together.

“Satan himself cannot keep me from Ethan,” Jag growled. “Let him come.”

I hadn’t read the previously released material and I have to say I was completely smitten with Jag and Ethan from the start so I am happy for them to have more content than the original novella. Jag is grumpy demon goodness and Ethan is adorable with his love of the holidays. They have cute scenes decorating for the seasons and then ridiculously hot intimate scenes thanks to Jags double tongues in demon form 🔥🔥🔥 There was a decent balance between the two elements that made for a satisfying read.

“Ethan tasted like sex and desire; he was a forbidden fruit Jag had never dreamed of consuming.”

Ethan and Jag Destroy the World is a fun paranormal MM romance. The fake relationship trope with a demonic twist , holiday cookie decorating, skull gifts, a demon who can’t keeps his hands off his human, accidentally setting off the apocalypse, and a HEA.

—Written by Amanda—-

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