Bleed More, Bodymore by Ian Kirkpatrick _ Book Review

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Joey’s a mechanic. One night, she receives a call from her best friend, asking for his car to be picked up from the infamous body dumping grounds of Baltimore: Leakin Park. When she arrives, there’s little more around than a stalled-out car and a couple of ravens, so she leaves only with the car. Back at the body shop, it doesn’t take long for the smell of rot to permeate the trunk. Inside? A corpse. The cops say her friend did it. His absence is his guilt, but Joey knows better. She will find her missing friend and she will prove his innocence.

But something isn’t right in Baltimore. It’s not just the feeling that someone is always watching from the city’s abandoned buildings… Her search for her friend reveals something much worse hiding under the city. A ghost town, a reaper, regret. Suddenly, the city’s rage and the stink rising out of the dirt make much more sense.

[I received a digital arc from NetGalley for an honest review]

“We live in Bodymore, Rocky. The status quo is bleeding on the pavement without a pulse.”

As a fan of Ian Kirkpatrick’s writing I was excited to see what new story and characters had created, and I was not disappointed!

Bleed More, Bodymore
follows Joey, a mechanic who has had a not so pleasant life which doesn’t get any better when she’s called to tow in her best friend’s car. She hasn’t spoken to him in days and when she finds a body in the trunk and an odd substance that burns her skin, her already sh*tty life is sent into a tailspin. Stumbling onto bodies left and right, seeing dead people, trying to find her friend, visiting the afterlife, she does what she has to do in order to survive her godforsaken town.

The book gives us a great cast of characters, each unique in their own way. Joey, Jag and Val were my favorites. Joey was scrappy as f*ck, she knew how to get herself out of sticky situations, and she’s literally a ride or die friend when it comes to Wayland. Wayland, I’m not sure how I feel about, I think I pity him but hopefully in future books his character becomes more solid for me. Next there’s Jag, Joey’s I want to call him her boyfriend but they definitely aren’t the type of people to label things like that. Jag grew on me quickly as he stuck by Joey and tried to help her when he could, even if he didn’t understand what the hell was going on. Last but not least, there’s Val who I won’t go into details about because he’s a side character who I latched onto for some reason and I just looked forward to every time he landed on the page.

Story wise, I was engaged from the beginning and invested in figuring out what all was going on. There are more than a few creepy scenes, especially one in an old abandoned fort that gave me some serious anxiety and freaked me out. I’ll be honest, I was confused for a bit around the halfway point because I had more than a few questions that I was trying to figure out before the book had made all its reveals. Thankfully, by the end it all came together, and my questions were answered.

Bleed More, Bodymore
 is an entertaining dark journey involving reapers, the afterlife, and not so dead a**holes. I am very much looking forward to what else Ian Kirkpatrick comes up with for the characters, because it ended with the promise of interesting things to come.

—Written by Amanda—

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