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He’s desperate for revenge… and her.
Navy SEAL Tony “Flakes” Hackenbreg’s career and sanity ride on the upcoming mission to hunt and capture a known ARMs dealer. Being forced to partner with the dangerously beautiful CIA agent Elliot Smith is the last thing he wants or needs. With her love for explosives, sassy mouth, and a body most men would kill for, Elliot is everything he never knew he needed. Nights and days forced together the two shift from enemies to partners before morphing into a sizzling attraction that neither try to resist. But keeping Elliot protected during the covert mission proves to be the hardest challenge of Tony’s career.

She’s willing to kill anyone who stands in her way… except the one SEAL whose commands she’s eager to obey.
Elliot Smith’s last operation to Colombia cost her everything: her flawless mission reputation with the CIA, her partner, and nearly her own life. With vengeance on her mind, she doesn’t want or need a mouthy, dominant SEAL monitoring her every move like an overprotective babysitter. But when he sneaks past her defenses, making her open up about her past and hopes of a future, Elliot wonders if she’s finally met her equal.

When tension turns to passion in the middle of a covert mission they miss the signs of a trap, putting Elliot’s life in the evil hands of their shared enemy. Can Tony find her before the ARMs dealer slips away with the only woman he’s ever loved or will Elliot be lost for good?

Covert VengeanceΒ is a standalone, no cliffhanger, SEAL romantic suspense novel. Each book in the SEALs and CIA Series can be enjoyed on their own; however, because of character crossover, reading the series in order is recommended. This series is suggested for mature readers due to detailed intimate scenes, discussion of abuse, violence, and foul language.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Covert Vengeance is the second book in the SEALS and CIA series by Kennedy L Mitchell. This can without a doubt be read and enjoyed as a standalone, but there are cross over characters from book 1.

A mission gone wrong greatly impacted the lives of Navy SEAL Tony Hackenbreg and CIA agent Elliot Smith. It also gave these two strangers a common enemy. Being forced to partner together is the last thing either of them want, but it’s what they both need. Falling for each other would be a liability and a weakness, but you can’t control emotions. When their mission goes array, will they both come out survivors once again.

I know my recap of the book was vague, but if you want more, scroll on up and read the synopsis because I didn’t want to accidentally give any spoilers. Covert Vengeance is action packed from start to finish. There are life or death situations, both leads pushing their bodied and minds to the limits, sexual tension, and explosive chemistry.

Tony and Elliot are both extremely complex characters, with layers upon layers. If you read the first book you might not have been a fan of Tony, like myself, but he just completely stole my heart in this one, which I never could have expected. The mission that starts off the book completely changes Tony as a person. He is nothing like the characters who I couldn’t stand in the first book. He is drowning in grief and feels like a failure. That on top of the reasons for why he used to be a cheating man whore just crushes you with emotions. I really appreciated that his character started his personal journey of growth and change before his relationship with Elliot even begins. Instead, she helps him come to terms with his grief and helps him heal.

“If there’s a life without you in it, I don’t want it.”

Now onto Elliot, holy moly where to begin with her. She is such a wildcard in the best way possible. More than a bit crazy, fierce, sharp tongued, bad a** who likes to cross stitch in her downtime, and I totally had a girl crush on her from the start. She didn’t need saving, she needed an equal who she could let her guard down around. Tony gave her that and more, knowing he trusted she could handle herself but that he would step in in a heartbeat. They had each other’s back even before their feelings got involved. Elliot also had as much childhood trauma in her past as Tony did. Even though it made her into the strong woman she is, it was still heartbreaking to read.

“You’re the counterpart to my crazy, and I don’t …I don’t know what t do with that. I’m f*cking lost in you, and I’m not sure I ever want to be found.”

Hot Damn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ together, Tony and Elliot were fantastic. Two great characters, made even better when they competed head-to-head verbally and physically. They were constantly entertaining and I couldn’t get enough. The build up of sexual tension between them was delicious, and the pay-off was even better. Their relationship has the right balance of emotion and steam. Tony brings the perfect amount of dominance and dirty talk and gives Elliot the safe space to submit and enjoy every second of it.

Covert Vengeance by Kennedy L Mitchell is a top-notch suspense romance with a redemption arc, revenge, high emotion, quality steam, and healing.

—Written by Amanda—

Trigger Warnings: [Maybe be Considered Spoilers]

Violence, torture, Human Trafficking, trauma from a miscarriage, and recollection of past child abuse.

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