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An unlikely friendship, a stalking ex, and a serial killer on the loose.

FBI profiler Charlie Bekham prides himself on three unique talents: hacking any database, making women swoon with a cocky smirk, and letting no one see the desperate man buried deep. When a string of murders in Louisville, KY, requires extra help, he’s forced to partner with the brilliant yet shy Special Agent Rhyan Riggs to hunt the killer. Long nights of working the case fan the growing attraction between them, making Charlie question if “just friends” is enough.

Special Agent Rhyan Riggs is running from her past—a narcissistic ex, to be exact. Determined to move on from the terrible breakup, she focuses solely on her career… until him. Special Agent Charlie Bekham. Covered in tattoos, cocky as hell, and bad-boy hot, he’s exactly the type she should avoid at all costs but can’t seem to stay away from.

With more victims and at a dead end, Rhyan does the unthinkable—she puts herself in the killer’s sights. When the killer takes the bait and disappears with the woman Charlie’s fallen for, can he piece together the remaining clues before Rhyan becomes the next body found?

Mine to Keep is the fourth book in the interconnected standalone Protection Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but because of character crossover, reading from book 1, Mine to Protect, is suggested. Due to foul language, discussion of emotional abuse, mention of suicide, and detailed intimate scenes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Mine to Keep 
is the third stand alone in the Protection series by Kennedy L Mitchell. A romantic suspense that full of steam and danger.

FBI profiler Charlie Bekham is new to the BAU and between being treated like a piece of meat by female agents and not taken serious by his boss, he needs something to give. When a friend asks him to put a case before the BAU he has high hopes that are quickly dashed by his boss. Yet one of his superiors, Special Agent Rhyan Riggs, thinks the case is worth a second look and backs him up to get approval. Charlie and Rhyan have to work together to stop a killer whose praying on unfaithful wives, with very little to work on. The two also have to navigate their feels of attraction and so much more as they get to know each other . Will their special connection survive and have the chance to grow when the case puts Rhyan life in danger.

“To be the one you can lose control with, knowing I’ll catch you when you fall, and be ready to do it all over again, and again and again.”

Charlie and Rhyan are both quality characters who are lonely, both mistreated by the opposite sex, and more than meets the eye. Rhyan’s ex really did a number on her. She’s afraid to be confident outside her job, even though she’s brilliant, and she’s so insecure over her anxiety and quirky fandom fun facts’ word vomit. My poor Charlie being treated like a piece of meat , seriously women can be just as gross and disrespectful as men. He deserves someone who wants to know the man inside , the hacker with a heart of gold, and that someone is Rhyan. Once he realized Rhyan is his person, he doesn’t give up on her and helps her see how amazing she is, and eventually she believes him.

“I didn’t know” I said, eyes squeezed shut, “that it could be amazing like this.” “It’s you. Only with you. I’ll never have enough.”

While the intimacy between them is a slow burn, it doesn’t lack any steam at all. Damn the sexual tension between them was tangible and she doesn’t make shy his feelings of attraction. Charlie is a dirty talker yet still super respectful of Rhyan. Consent consent consent and communication omg Charlie is the poster man for these things and it was very welcome. Even though Rhyan is insecure and inexperienced, he takes his time while still letting her know exactly how much she affects him. The sexual tension build pays off deliciously when they finally come together.

“Now that I’ve found this, know that this kind of happy exists, I’m never letting you go.”

The story’s case itself was interesting, but it completely fell to the wayside for me while the relationship development between Charlie and Rhyan was the star. I also completely say the plot twist coming, but that’s probably because I read a good amount of mystery books.

In the end, Mine to Keep, is another highly entertaining romantic suspense from author Kennedy L. Mitchell. Filled with strong leads, great side characters, danger, sexual tension, and quirky facts.

P.s- I NEED agent Bryson Bennett’s story immediately 😭 it’s going to have SO many FEELS !!!

—Written by Amanda—

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