Can’t Bucking Wait by Elle Thorpe _ Book Review

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I’ve wanted to be a big city doctor my entire life. I studied hard. Got into Harvard. Then moved across the other side of the country, leaving my family’s small-town ranch and bull riding school behind.

I’ve hated every moment since.

My older sister’s wedding is the perfect excuse for an extended trip back home. Only problem is, my grandmother took over my old bedroom, there’s out-of-towners in the guest accommodation, and my twin hates my guts. Guess I won’t be bunking in with her.

The only empty bed on the entire ranch is in the cowboys’ cabins.
More specifically, it’s Preston Innes’ spare room.

The last time I saw him was when I turned up at his door to offer him my virginity. Only to find my twin beat me to his bed.


Even worse? He’s the only guy I’ve thought of for the past two years, and I’m probably hopelessly in love with him.

Too bad I’m his boss’ daughter and totally off limits.

 I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Can’t Bucking Wait 
is the third stand alone is the Buck Cowboys series by Elle Thorpe.

Lennon had always wanted to be a doctor, but two years at Harvard has her second guessing her dreams. Her older sister wedding is the perfect excuse to step back and rethink her situation. Arriving home unexpectedly early she finds herself without a bed to sleep in, she finds herself bunking with cowboy Preston. Preston, who she always had a crush on and was crushed when she found her twin sister in his bed. She may be older now, but her feelings are still lurking. The close proximity has Preston wishing he had known her feelings back then, as he sees her in a new light. Lennon doesn’t have long to figure out what she wants to do about her schooling, her growing feelings for Preston, and find a way to mend her broken relationship with her twin sister.

“Preston’s kiss sucked the air from my lungs and set my body on fire.”

Awkward pretty much sums up the entire situation between Lennon, Preston, and Callie and that’s all there is to say about it 😂 Any ways, lets talk about the stars of this book, Lennon and Preston. I absolutely loved them together! Preston was charming and playful. I appreciated that he stepped back when he found out she was a virgin , even though it was frustrating , it showed how much he cared about her. The two of them have a steamy relationship that builds from masturbating together, oral pleasure and heavy make out sessions. When they finally take the big step, it ends up being totally worth the wait. I simply loved all their encounters, whether they were just hanging out or giving into their sexual chemistry.

“Bucking Hell I love it when you moan like that.”[…]
I sniggered “So cheesy.”
“Not cheesy if I have you buck ass naked.”
“Come home and buck me Lennon.”


Can’t Bucking Wait by Elle Thorpe is a relatively low drama, considering the awkward history , full of delicious steam, Ferris wheel rides, skinny-dipping, family and topped off at the end with cameos from Thorpe’s other cowboy books that made me smile.

P.S. – Ahhhh I NEED Callie’s book asap, it’s going to be soooo gooood!

—-Written by Amanda—

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