Spring Tide by Tess Shepherd _ Book Review

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Mary-Ann Flynn has always known that she could never have a normal life. Raised in the small town of Dungeness Hollow, population six thousand two hundred and fifty-one, and suffering from chronic panic disorder, she’s resigned to the fact that she’ll lead a quiet existence, working in the local hotel, rescuing dogs, and experiencing the world vicariously through her two best friends, Casey and Meg.
So she’s not anticipating a whirlwind romance with Hayes Somerson, a real estate magnate from Los Angeles. Hayes is everything she’s not—powerful, independent, and worldly. Their relationship could never work…Right? Mary-Ann thinks so. And when she panics at the airport and is unable to board the flight to meet Hayes in LA, Mary-Ann decides to break off their blossoming relationship before it goes any further. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to string him along when she may never be brave enough to overcome her fears and leave the Hollow.
There’s only one problem: Hayes isn’t prepared to let her go that easily…

[I received a digital arc for a honest review]

Spring Tide
 is the second book in the Dungeness Hollow series by Tess Shepherd. The series follows a trio of best friends, and this one is the story of Mary. Mary and Hayes , first meet in the first book, and they have a long distance relationship because Hayes lives in LA and Mary in Washington. Also, because Mary has a chronic panic disorder and can’t bring herself to leave then the hollow. When she fails to be able to go on a trip with Hayes she assumes their relationship is over, but he is committed to making it work with Mary. He meets the family and spends time helping Mary conquer her anxiety and fear of travel.

“Jesus, he wanted Mary-Ann like he’d never wanted another woman before.”

I really enjoyed both Mary and Hayes as main characters, especially Hayes. He was just utterly swoon worthy, such a gentleman and undeniably in love with Mary. I felt for Mary, her anxiety was hard to read, but it was inspiring to see her push her against her comfort zones and not give up. Mary and Hayes have an insta love relationship, but this is a slow burn because Mary is a virgin and Hayes doesn’t want to rush things with her until she’s 100% believes in their relationship as he does. When they do come together intimately, it’s very passionate and tender. There’s also a bit of a mystery to the story surrounding where Mary’s anxiety originates from, and it’s slowly revealed. Both Mary and Hayes have emotional/tragic events in their past that have shaped them to who they are today.

Overall, Spring Tide was a sweet addition to the Dungeness Hollow series. With date nights, family visits, first times, and facing fears. There were also some cameos from the others other book series in this that put a smile on my face.

The Following is a Rant that solely as to do with the epilogue of the story:

When the main story ended, I was happy with Mary and Hayes story and was left thinking three things about the next book in the series.
One- Meg is the WORST
Two- How are the three childhood friends going to mend their relationship?
Three- Who does Meg end up with? The friend who’s always been in love with her, or the brother she keeps disappearing with?

Then the epilogue happened, and I was disappointed to be told the answers to all of my questions. It completely took away most of the mystery of Megs story by telling me exactly who she ends up with. It left me salty and I personally think it should have been just about Hayes and Mary’s wedding or maybe a pregnancy announcement, ANYTHING except for showing the three friends 3 years into the future all with their significant others and children when we haven’t read book 3 yet.

—Written by Amanda—

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