A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft _ Book Review

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When Margaret Welty spots the legendary hala, the last living mythical creature, she knows the Halfmoon Hunt will soon follow. Whoever is able to kill the hala will earn fame and riches, and unlock an ancient magical secret. If Margaret wins the hunt, it may finally bring her mother home. While Margaret is the best sharpshooter in town, only teams of two can register, and she needs an alchemist.

Weston Winters isn’t an alchemist–yet. Fired from every apprenticeship he’s landed, his last chance hinges on Master Welty taking him in. But when Wes arrives at Welty Manor, he finds only Margaret and her bloodhound Trouble. Margaret begrudgingly allows him to stay, but on one condition: he must join the hunt with her.

Although they make an unlikely team, Wes is in awe of the girl who has endured alone on the outskirts of a town that doesn’t want her, in this creaking house of ghosts and sorrow. And even though Wes disrupts every aspect of her life, Margaret is drawn to him. He, too, knows what it’s like to be an outsider. As the hunt looms closer and tensions rise, Margaret and Wes uncover dark magic that could be the key to winning the hunt – if they survive that long.

In A Far Wilder Magic, Allison Saft has written an achingly tender love story set against a deadly hunt in an atmospheric, rich fantasy world that will sweep you away.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

A Far Wilder Magic 
is a fantasy by Allison Saft . I’ll be honest, I’m not going to attempt to sum up the story because I’ll butcher it and the synopsis does a great job on its own.

“Wouldn’t you say it’s worth risking your life for the people you love?”
“Of course.” His expression softens. “That’s worth risking everything.”

I was invested in this story the moment Weston landed on Margaret’s doorstep. They were both solid characters with depth. Margaret has been isolated for far too long and that shows in her interactions with those around her, and it breaks your heart that she yearns for love and acceptance from a mother who doesn’t deserve it. Weston comes off as that carefree, flirty, aloof character who doesn’t take anything serious, when he is the opposite. He has ambitious goals to make life better for immigrants such as himself, and he uses his flirtatious, shallow, outward appearance to keep people from getting close to him, so he doesn’t lose anyone else he loves. They both have lost people and they have to build the trust and respect that happens between them. Their romance is slow but steady. The more they each strip away at the outer other walls that they’ve put up, they see the real beauty in each other. They both strongly fight their connection for the same reasons. The feelings they have for each other make them feel vulnerable. Weston has some quality pining that he goes through when his eyes open to her. While Margaret takes a lot longer to trust in her feelings of him, all the way up to the end.

In all of his mother’s legends, there is binding power and words, and Wes doesn’t want to die without his soul entwined with hers

Okay I know the story wasn’t just a romance, this in fact a fantasy book. It did lose me a little bit with the religious and political aspects of the world building but that’s not the book’s fault, that’s my fault for not loving that aspect of fantasies in general… So why do I read them? shush I just do 😂. However, I was here for the magic surrounding hala, the mythical creature, the rivalries, and the tension between our leads and the side character/villains.

In the end, A Far Wilder Magic is a story of two young people who join forces for aa common goal and along the way find love, acceptance, and belief in themselves. It was a completely satisfying story from beginning to end, and I will definitely be reading more of this author and future.

—Written by Amanda—

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