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About Hostile


Life has been easy for me. Top of my class. Star quarterback of the football team. Every guy wants to be my friend, and every girl wants to date me.

Yeah, life is pretty sweet.

Except it’s not.

It’s all fake. School comes too easy for me, and I’m bored. Football isn’t fun anymore. The guys I hang out with aren’t really my friends.

And the girls? I don’t want to date them.

The only one I want to date . . . He’s a little bit . . . hostile.


Life has never been easy for me. A foster kid, lucky enough to be adopted as a teen but who still can’t find a way to be happy.

I have two best friends who are amazing and supportive, and yet, I can’t bring myself to tell them my biggest secret.

Parents who pay for a private school a kid like me could never have dreamed of . . . that I hate.

It feels all wrong when it should feel right.

And I guess . . . that’s made me nothing but . . . hostile.

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Meet Nicole Dykes

Nicole Dykes is a wife and a professional assistant/mom to two gorgeous girls. Currently residing in Kansas, she’s a lover of coffee, Kansas City Chiefs, and all things romance. She currently has over 20 published books with her Monroe and Adamson series being the most popular. She enjoys cranking up the angst level, making her readers cry, and turning those tears into the coffee that fuels her writing.

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Hostile by Nicole Dykes is a new standalone new adult MM romance. Grayson is high school’s golden boy who hides his truest self from everyone. He can’t seem to hide himself completely from Rhett, a loner looking to try to get through the rest of senior year with his head down. A random downpour and offer of a ride leads Grayson and Rhett to learning so much about each other and themselves.

Grayson Lancaster has been living the life set forth for him by his parents in hopes that he can turn his life around once he has control of his grandfather’s company. He knows that hiding who he truly is hurts him every day but he hasn’t found anything worth risking everything for until Rhett. Rhett is a mystery he wants to solve and all his observations from afar only make Rhett more suspicious when he finally breaks and allows himself to get close to the prickly man. Grayson had no idea that he needed someone to see just him until he gave himself heart and soul over to Rhett.

“It’s the perfect contrast, Rhett. Both are beautiful in their own way. Both bold and strong. His choice of color and your fearless framing. Just breathtaking.”

Rhett has lived a difficult life up until his adoptive parents came and opened doors he never imagined being opened. He is questioning everything as he turns eighteen and knows the future is his to reach for. He doesn’t expect the school’s golden boy to seek him out and not stop until he gets under Rhett’s skin. Grayson’s can-do attitude is so far from Rhett’s pessimism that he can’t keep Grayson out, no matter how hard he tries. Every layer he allows Grayson’s past opens up not only to heartbreak but also how his past has shaped him. Rhett allowing himself to feel openly for Grayson helps him find ways to better express his feelings towards the other important people in his life as well.

When he showed up at my place, wrecked, I knew I would do everything I could to keep him.

This new release by Nicole Dykes is a new adult romance. I like to specify this because the MCs are eighteen and finishing up high school, which isn’t always my jam. That being said it was very much a story of exploring this new stage of adulthood and where their lives are going. There was a lot of intimacy especially as the men learned about themselves and their sexuality and preferences. Familial expectations play a big role in this book even though the two men have had completely different upbringings, they are trying to find a balance between keeping their parents happy and building a future for themselves.

4 stars for Rhett and Grayson learning who they are together and what the future holds. 

—Written by Katie—

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