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Can Bryson keep her safe, or will Tinley’s past nightmare become her new reality?

Every moment, Tinley Harper lives in fear that the man who abducted her ten years ago will keep his promise and return to finish what he started. Scared and alone in her older brother’s absence, she welcomes a familiar handsome face, Special Agent Bryson Bennett, when he comes knocking on her door.

FBI Agent Bryson Bennett knows it’s time to put his past behind him and move on from the tragic accident that left him a single father. When his best friend calls out of fear for his little sister’s safety, Bryson jumps in to protect the beautiful Tinley for fear that another person close to him will be taken away.

Stuck together in her tiny apartment, the two fight to control their unspoken attraction. Anonymous disturbing gifts, new murders, and watchful eyes that monitor their every move signal that Tinley’s terrifying past is now bleeding into her present. As passion burns, dark secrets are revealed, and the elusive stalker seeks to catch them unawares. Can Bryson keep her safe, or will Tinley’s past nightmare become her new reality?

Mine to Hold is a standalone romantic thriller, the fifth book in the interconnected Protection Series. Each book can be read as a standalone but due to character crossover the series is best read in order. Please note this book DOES contain several triggers (stalking, murder, mention of past abuse, memories of time in captivity, and more) and detailed mature content. This book is recommended for readers 18+.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Where you go, I’ll go, because I don’t want this life without you in it.

Mine to Hold  by Kennedy L Mitchell is a spine tingling romantic suspense I author Kennedy L Mitchell.

Special Agent Bryson, a widowed single dad, doesn’t hesitate when his best friend, Tallon, asks him to go stay with his younger sister and keep an eye on her. Pre his marriage him, Tallon and Tinley used to be thick as thieves, and he is not prepared for the more than friendly feelings she invokes in him when they come face to face. 10 years ago Tinley was held captive for 3 weeks where she suffered greatly physically and mentally. After a downward spiral she’s finally started to really make progress in her healing. She’s excited when Bryson shows up at her place for some R&R because she dreams of acting on the feelings she always buried for him. Unfortunately, his stay is for more than she knows, and it isn’t long before her life’s in danger and her captor is closing in.

I’m a woman. A woman standing in front of the guy she’s always crushed on, hoping he feels the same pull. The connection I’ve never felt with anyone but you.

I can’t decide which I like more, the main characters themselves or the plot. Tinley was a star, she was flawed but putting in the effort to work on her demons, and wasn’t waiting around for someone else to save her. The serial killer and kidnapper in this book gave me chills. it made me want to look over my shoulder every 5 seconds because It made me feel like someone was watching me. I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for him to strike, and I wasn’t ready for it. The whole book itself only takes place in a week which you would think would feel super rushed, but it wasn’t because since they already had an established friendship their romance progression felt right.

“Every smile, every look makes me want to fall on my knees and worship you for the amazing woman you are. How can this be love when it feels like so much more here?” He rested his hand over his heart.

Then we have Bryson and Tinley, their relationship combined some of my favorite tropes. Bryson is a single father and his little one was precious, but she also really wasn’t present in the story which took away from that trope for me, but the few times she was there it was the sweetest. An age gap, I loved that she would joke with him about being an old man but they never harped on the fact that they had a 10-year age gap between them, which was something I was grateful for. I liked that the relationship for them wasn’t a ridiculous slow burn, it had just the right amount of sexual tension and pining without being dragged out. That was in part due to Tinley being very honest and upfront about her feelings thanks to all the work she does in therapy. The sex is a little playful and very steamy with Bryson being a delicious dominant alpha male in the bedroom.

She brought out the desire-driven madman who craved to devour her whole, consume every gasp and pant that crossed her lips because of me.

I’ll be honest, The only reason this isn’t getting a solid five stars is because of certain side characters’ story. I felt like I was teased that they were queer characters and while they might be, they’re both going to end up in straight relationships and I feel like it’s a really missed opportunity for either an MM or genuine poly romance. I’m salty about it, I can’t help it 😂

Mine’s to Hold
 by Kennedy L Mitchell is a highly entertaining romantic suspense . An age gap, best friends sister trope filled with danger, sexual chemistry, a sweet 2-year-old, family drama , snuggles, and comfort donuts.

TW:[violence, murder, include reference to kidnapping physical, mental abuse, sexual abuse and incest. 

—Written by Amanda—

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