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Laura Bennett has spent her life taking care of other people and running the Dip and Twist. Happily spending her time being single and carefree, she has no intention of settling down or falling in love. With an ever-growing family, she’s a mother to them all, and she loves every minute of it. But her baby is getting married, and her oldest has her own life changes she’s dealing with. Suddenly, being all alone doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.

Dean Campbell has been the black sheep of his family since the day he was born. The only one he cares about is his nephew, Palmer. Deciding at the last minute to attend Palmer’s nuptials, Dean knows he’s going to need to try his hardest not to be his usual, grouchy self. He doesn’t like people, and he really doesn’t like weddings. But the sexy and sassy mother-of-the-bride has him wanting to check Plus-One on his invite. He’s never had more fun getting under someone’s skin, and it doesn’t take long for all the people, noise, and chaos that surround Laura Bennett to become a few of his favorite things.

Laura thinks a fun wedding fling is just what the doctor ordered to get her out of this funk. But Dean’s been sprinkled with Shepherd’s glitter and the magic of Summersweet Island. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her that, with this fling, she just might change her mind about falling in love again.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

With This Fling by Tara Sivec is the fifth book in the Summersweet Island series. Laura Bennett has been thrilled to see her children finding loving partners to share a future with and always assumed she’d be fine living her flirty single life. She didn’t realize how wrong she was until her daughter Birdie’s wedding week arrived and she has no plus-one to share in the celebrations. Enter Dean Campbell, the grumpy uncle of the groom who enters Laura’s life and changes it forever. 

Laura Bennett is the matriarch and savior of her adult children, constantly putting out fires and solving problems all while serving up serious levels of sass. She always assumed she’d be perfectly content being single and having her fun with the younger men that have come along but Birdie’s wedding brings up feelings that she never expected. Dean appears on the island and she realizes how nice it is to have someone supporting her and just being there during the quiet moments. She tries to keep her feelings at bay and convince herself it is just a fun fling but Dean proves to be unforgettable. 

Perfect Laura Bennett isn’t so perfect after all. She’s kind of a mess, actually. But a sexy, funny, thrilling mess. 

Dean Campbell is the black sheep of his family and only wants to be there for Palmer on his big day. He never expected Laura to be an imperfect mess who manages to keep everyone else together while having no one there to back her up. His immediate response to her goes so far beyond just physical attraction that when he has an opportunity to help her navigate the crazy wedding week he jumps in. Dean doesn’t expect to come away from his favorite nephew’s wedding with an entire insane family but crazier things have happened. 

I have fantasized about this moment since the first time he called me sugar. Now that I finally know what it feels like to have Dean’s mouth on mine, I immediately know I’m never going to be the same again. 

Summersweet Island is a favorite setting of mine because Tara Sivec manages to have you fall in love with the island and its inhabitants even more with each book. This story is about older MCs falling for each other when they never expected it. Although a bit insta-lovey I am able to put this aside because I just want Laura and Dean to get their HEA. Sivec never fails to make me laugh out loud reading because few authors are willing to go there with their characters and the absolutely insane circumstances they find themselves in. With the end of the story indicating we’re not done on Summersweet Island I finished reading with a huge smile on my face both for Laura and Dean as well as what’s still ahead. 

4.5 stars for Laura and Dean realizing it was never just a fling.

—Written by Katie—

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