The Prince’s Poisoned Vow by Hailey Turner _ Release Blitz & Review


Every country is built on revolution.

THE WARDEN. Soren is a nameless, stateless man, tasked with keeping watch over Maricol’s borders. He isn’t meant for politics, only dealing with the dead. His past was buried in the poison fields, but after a fateful encounter with a prince, Soren comes to realize he can’t keep what magic burns inside him hidden forever.

THE PRINCE. Vanya Sa’Liandel was the spare who survived the Houses’ murderous games to become the Imperial crown prince of Solaria. He has a duty to his country, but he’ll owe his life to the wardens. Payment of any kind is costly, especially when he’s at risk of losing his heart to the man who saved his life.

THE COG. Caris Dhemlan hears the siren song of clarion crystals better than anyone in Ashion. That skill for inventing has enriched her bloodline, but it’s who she can become that will ultimately entangle her with the Clockwork Brigade.

THE PRINCESS. Eimarille Rourke should have been raised to be queen of one country; instead, she is prisoner of another. Guided by a star god, Eimarille bides her time in a gilded cage, spinning a political web to gain a throne and start a war the world isn’t ready for.

From the author who brought you the Amazon best-selling Soulbound series comes a queer steampunk-inspired epic fantasy.


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Hailey Turner is a big city girl who likes to spoil her cats rotten. She writes science fiction and fantasy with lots of action, epic plots, and romantic relationships that satisfy the heart. Hailey lives in sunny California when she isn’t adding stamps to her passport.

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Prince’s Poison Vow is Hailey Turner’s new steampunk epic which follows the political and divine intervention of Maricol as various players fight to take control of their ever tumultuous lands. In the aftermath of an inferno that knocked out an entire high ranking family the gods intervene placing children amongst the remaining cities. As these children grow into the roles they’ve been given the landscape of Maricol continues to become more dangerous with the poison taking new and more terrifying forms. Trying to find a balance the children guided by the stars must learn where they truly belong and who they can really trust.

I will be completely honest in stating that the beginning of this book had me confused. I was like there are a lot of constellation gods and a lot of children from houses that I am not following what’s happening. I appreciated reaching the point where I was getting the MCs points of view because it was easier to follow now that they had reached adulthood.

The setup of this book also took some adjusting to because the book was separated into sections and the sections re-started at chapter one. That being said Turner did a good job making each character’s voice unique enough that you may have had to adjust at the start but once you became accustomed to who they interacted with you knew whose chapter you were in.

Usually I would go into an overview of each MC and gush about them but there are a few too many to go too in depth and I wouldn’t want to take away the fun of getting to know them from readers. I will absolutely say that Blaine and Honovi are my favorites followed very closely by Soren who definitely steals the show when the chapters are his or Vanya’s. There are absolutely despicable characters who I hope will get what’s coming to them and of course others that just crush your heart as their futures are determined.

Now that the board has been set I look forward to seeing where Turner takes the characters now that some undeniable truths have been uncovered and characters no longer can deny their paths. A lot of different things happen in this book but the underlying themes of political maneuvering and familial and country loyalty are at the forefront. I can say with certainty that there will be people intimidated by the sheer size of this book alone as well as the vast complexity of characters being given the spotlight but if a queer steampunk epic sounds like a fun adventure to you I recommend giving it a try!

5 stars for the start of an epic adventure for control of Maricol and giving into the fate of the stars.

—Written by Katie—

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