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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Sceptic
By Lily Morton


Arcana Books, Book 1

As the best friend of a psychic, Will Buchanan can’t help but believe in the dead. It’s the living that he finds to be problematic. However, after a spate of betrayals, he finally has the chance of a new life within his grasp, and he’s not going to risk it for anyone or anything. Staying safe is the name of Will’s game.

Jem Dawson defines the word temporary. A talented cameraman, he’s here today and will undoubtedly be gone tomorrow chasing adventure and danger. But, while he’s in York, he’s made it clear he wants Will, and Will can’t help liking the charming daredevil.

This inconvenient attraction results in Will accompanying Jem to the site of a notorious poltergeist outbreak. A malevolent spirit has targeted a family, and now the ghost hunting team for whom Jem does camerawork are going to be locked down in the house for three days.

The house is strange and filled with sinister and violent undercurrents. One by one, the group experiences threatening incidents, and as events escalate, Will has to ask himself if he’s risking not just his heart but also his life with this impulsive gesture.

This is the first book in the Arcana Books series featuring characters from the bestselling Black and Blue series.

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“What a ridiculous question. Do I look like I have a book on how to reanimate a cadaver? I have enough problems with the living customers without adding dead ones. Go next door.”

I set my pen down on the counter and sigh as Tom’s stertorous tones echo through the building. I’m currently working in an occult bookshop that connects to Tom’s bookshop. The divider between the two stores is a curtain, but even if we had walls the thickness of Fort Knox, it still wouldn’t stop me hearing Tom.

A few seconds later, the curtain lifts, and three startled goths scoot into the room as if their backsides are on fire. I offer them a smile and point to the stairs. “First floor. Shelf by the window.”

Their footsteps echo on the treads, and silence descends again. I pick up my pen and then pause, looking around. The room is full of the scent of old paper and leather, along with a whiff of fresh paint and new carpet. Sun streams through the Georgian window, laying stripes over the shelves of books and painting my skin with warmth. It’s incredibly peaceful in here, notwithstanding the grumpy bookshop owner next door.

As if on cue, the old man’s voice rises through the divider again, muttering something about the problems associated with zombies becoming customers.

I look up as the shop’s front door opens and the bell jingles cheerfully, heralding the arrival of my current boss. Viscount Ingram.

“Dear boy,” he booms, his face lit up. He’s the exact opposite of Tom, being eternally cheerful. The glass isn’t half full of wine with this one. He’s got a whole fucking vineyard in there. “You will never guess what I found at the house sale.”

I open my mouth to respond, but Tom forestalls me. “Not in here,” he booms from the other room. “The death books are all next door in the occult bookshop. No, not there. There. Through that curtain.”

A young man in a long duster coat and a trilby hat sidles through the curtain. He gives us a haunted look and then legs it up the stairs to join the goths, who are probably cowering in a corner.

The viscount sighs. “Oh, dear. Tom is a trifle rusty on customer service, isn’t he?”

“He was probably rusty sixty years ago,” I confidently state. I’ve known Tom for many years. He’s an established figure in York and someone my best friend Blue and I have known since we were young and homeless. Tom is now Blue’s boss, psychic mentor, and a possible glimpse at how Blue will be in fifty years.

“Oh dear,” the viscount says again. He looks towards the table in the corner of the room. “And where is Madame Hecate? I thought she was reading the tarot cards for our customers today.”

“Probably at the pub. She came in, turned over one card, gave a scream that Tom’s still complaining about, and then left.”

“Poor woman. I wonder what the problem is.”

“Gin,” I offer helpfully. “It does seem to influence most of her tarot choices.”


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LilyMorton-Logo-TaglineAbout Lily:

Lily is a bestselling gay romance author. She writes love stories filled with heat and humour.

She lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she got her Kindle.

Lily has spent her life with her head full of daydreams, and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else would she get to spend her time with hot and funny men?

She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – Chocolate Baileys.

Connect with Lily:
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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Sceptic by Lily Morton is the first book in the spin-off series Arcana Books. Will Buchanan has settled into his new normal of working at the bookshop and assisting his friend Blue when the need calls for it. He doesn’t expect Jem Dawson, the entrancing cameraman, to ask him a strange favor and be the sceptic for an online ghost hunting program he’s filming. Jem has always wanted to get to know the closed off Will and finds this to be the perfect opportunity. What neither man expects is that the haunted house they’re investigating is much more complicated and ultimately dangerous than they expected. With the clock ticking on getting to the bottom of the haunting and getting to know each other Will and Jem are in a race to help the family and see where their shared future leads.

Will Buchanan is a steady man who just wants to keep his newfound peace safe. He has a found family developing as his and Blue’s social circle keeps getting bigger but he struggles with his attraction to Jem. He knows he’s not a hook-up kind of guy so when it comes to Jem’s jetsetting ways he knows he needs to steer clear. Unfortunately he also finds himself extremely comfortable sharing his past with Jem in a way that he can’t with most people. They find their emotional connection translates well in the bedroom as well where they are able to express what they want and how.

“Sleep now,” he says. “I’ve got you, Will.” And for the first time in years, I give in, knowing and trusting that I’m safe.

Jem Dawson has always had uncontrollable wanderlust and wants nothing holding him back. He’s got a brilliant personality that charms him to most groups and suits his traveling life style. He has always been drawn to Will but thinks Will needs stability that he can’t provide. He can’t help himself getting Will involved with the ghost hunting team and spending time, just the two of them. He never expects Will to significantly impact him and where he sees his future going.

He’s in my head, and I can’t get him out. I like his quicksilver movements, the workings of his sharp brain, and the fresh smell of his cologne. His silky hair and gap-toothed smile do things to me.

It’s always an adventure to go back to York and the supernatural world of Blue Billings. While Blue and Levi are side characters in this book you feel the warmth and found family embracing Will and Jem as they journey into the dangerous world of paranormal investigation. While the investigation gets more and more perilous the two men find themselves clinging to each other even with their self imposed expiration date.

4 stars for Will and Jem face ghosts and an unknown future.

—Written by Katie—

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