Lost in Amber by Maz Maddox

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Being alive for millions of years means I’m rarely surprised.

In the long expanse of my existence, I’ve been rescuing fossils for only a breath. During that time, my path has crossed with many different people — shifter and human alike.

Some friendly, some nefarious.

A hundred years ago, one such man graced me with his presence.

He was one of the few to have almost killed me.

Imagine my surprise when I see him again, buying the rarest amber fossil to have ever been discovered.

Precious. Beautiful. Unique.

A true treasure millions of years in the making.

I won’t let him get away again. 

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Books in the RELIC series by Maz Maddox are always a good time, and Lost in Amber did not disappoint.

A hundred years ago, Lance and Yu crossed paths and one barely made it away from the encounter alive. Now a rare amber fossil has brought them back into each others lives. They both want the piece for different reasons, and those reasons don’t exactly line up. When a third party steals the fossils out from under both of them, they have to team up to get it back. When they can’t ignore the chemistry between them, hearts may end up broken by the end.l

“I was fairly sure I just fell into a very deep, very bottomless, heart-shaped pit when it came to this suave , handsome, headache-inducing man.”

I didn’t really go into the book with any expectations because Yu has been a bit of a mystery up until now. We learn that when Yu loves, he falls hard and fast and changes a little each time. His fear of having his heart broken by Lance makes him endearing. Then we have Lance, who kind of stole the show from Yu in my opinion. Lance is a slightly flustered bow tie wearing man who is confident in his identity and sincerely caring. His inner dinosaur was a fun surprise and you’ll have a huge smile on your face when he fiercely protects his giant yutyrannus , seriously adorable.

“The kiss consumed me, tugged at the deep, feral beast hidden inside of my human form, and melted my sensibilities into a useless puddle.”

While we spent some time with past characters (Dalton was classic Dalton, and he’s still my absolute favorite) we get to meet a few new ones as well. One being a microraptor who stole my heart and might {gasp} rival my love for Dalton, but we shall see. I’m hoping Lance’s team get their own spin off series in the future.

The story line is as expected for a RELIC book. A quick, fun read with a dash of danger and steam. While I was a little bummed with the fact that the epilogue didn’t even include our two main characters, it did leave me so freaking excited about the next book.

Lost in Amber
 by Maz Maddox is a fun RELIC adventure set in Shanghai with hard candy kisses, enough dumplings and buns to make you hungry, banter, new friends and old, and of course all the Dino goodness.

—Written by Amanda–

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