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I wait for the signal at crosswalks. I pay my taxes on time. And, despite my association with a certain Mafia family, I run a clean business providing security for Manhattan’s wealthy elite.

I don’t break the law.

Dr. Madhuban Laghari—Mads—is my newest protectee and my biggest problem. He fights his security protocols at every turn and makes me question all of my carefully crafted rules. Especially the one about not falling for the world’s most adorable billionaire.

Every time we go back and forth, I fall a little harder.

More dangerous than our sexy banter is the fact that the threats against him are starting to escalate.

He doesn’t want to face the reality that he’s got a stalker tracking his every move, not to mention the Russian government trying to steal his technology. The closer we get, the more I know I’ll do anything to protect him.

If his enemies dare to put a hand on my billionaire, they’ll discover how Mafia I can get.


Protection is a cameo-filled, globetrotting romance that features a reluctant mobster, a billionaire with questionable taste in fashion, and a found family made entirely of morally gray do-gooders.

The books in this series are stand-alones, and the HEA is always guaranteed. #murderswoon

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

is the second stand alone in the Mobsters and Billionaires series by Kelly Fox. A romance between a billionaire with a stalker problem and his new security.

Mads has a recent close call with his stalker he finally decides to hand over security control to Anthony Edgerton who happens to be right-hand man to mob boss / Mad’s friend, Luca. They have an instant sexual attraction, but after one night in Vienna they discover it runs so much more than physical. But Anthony refuses to let anything, even his feelings, compromise his job protecting Mads. When Mads life is put in danger, Anthony will do whatever it takes to save him.

I swear, I’m going to kill this man if I don’t f*ck him first.
I will not be f*cking him.
And killing him would be illegal, so that’s also off the table.

My favorite aspect of the whole book was Anthony. He sticks to his rules because of his upbringing, and he will only bend the rules of the law for those in his inner circle. He takes his responsibilities seriously, so it hurts a bit to see him beat himself up over his intense feelings for Mads. He definitely took on a caregiver type role, with Mads ,naturally making sure he’s comfortable and safe in all aspects. In return, Mads becomes a safe place for him to let down his constant walls and be vulnerable and open in the bedroom. I unfortunately didn’t love Mads, the quirky goofy billionaire. There was nothing I strongly disliked, but he just came off too immature to me. The intimacy scene between them are very steamy, but they just made me icky cringe at some points which is totally a personal preference for me situation and others may enjoy.

All I know is when I’m near Mads, I want to pull him into me, kiss him until he gives me his gorgeous, love -drunk, slack-jawed smile.

The plot of Protection was an entertaining one. We have a stalker whose not quite what they seem, a full cast of likable characters, sexual tension and chemistry between the MCs, constant banter, life or death situations and even a bloody shoot out. I can’t forget the cameos!!! Oh lordy was I a happy camper when friendly faces from the Wrecked series showed up. 🥰

Overall, Protection by Kelly Fox has steam, a significant size difference, a puffy orange jacket, fun past book cameos, and action. I was left quite excited for the next book in the series and others, I can’t wait for both Charlie and Hopper’s future books!

–Written by Amanda–

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