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The Refiner, a steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance by international bestselling author, Kristy Marie, is LIVE and FREE with KU!

The Refiner

Kristy Marie

The Hands of the Potters, Bk 2





Dr. Astor Potter was everything I despised in a man. 

It didn’t matter that he was my sister’s one-night stand or her closest colleague. 

I wasn’t charmed by his philanthropy or the way he made babies laugh using those ridiculous voices.

Dr. Potter was cold, detached, and reeked of disdain. 

Nothing mattered to him. 

Not the messages I left. 

Or the tears I shed. 

Nothing brought him to life. 

Until my sister died. 

And I placed my newborn niece in his arms. 

Her father’s arms.

He didn’t know about the baby. 

Neither did I.

They say love can’t be born from hate and grief. 

I’m inclined to agree. 

But then he asked me to stay… 

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About the Author:

A self-proclaimed reader enthusiast, Kristy started her writing journey back in 2009, reading and writing when her daughter was napping. Establishing her place in Corporate America (because something had to pay the bills), writing became her dirty, late-night secret.

After eight long years, she released her debut novel, Commander. It was a long road, but she can honestly say, the road less traveled had the most beautiful sights.

The only thing Kristy Marie loves as much as reading and writing is sports! Especially those that require muscles and a nice ass. Her favorite is, and always will be, baseball. She’s such a fan, that she even married her small town’s high school’s centerfielder where they still live with their three badass kids.

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[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Do you have an author that you automatically read without bothering to read the synopsis first? For me that’s Kristy Marie because I have never been disappointed by one of her stories. That being said if I had read the synopsis of The Refiner I might have been better prepared for the onslaught of emotion in this one, but I didn’t and I wasn’t .😩

“Sometimes, healing hurts worse than breaking.”

Keagan’s sister , Piper, is the most important person in her life. After their parent’s died when they were young, Piper raised her on her own. When Keagan gets a call that her sister is in a coma after delivering a baby girl, her world is thrown off axis. She didn’t know Piper was pregnant, and it turns out that the father is Piper’s close friend Dr. Astor Potter. Keagan doesn’t like or trust men, and Astor is no exception to that. When they are forced to step up and take care of the only part of Piper that’s left, they help each other survive. She learns there is so much more to Astor than she assumed, and he’s not like other men she’s encountered. But Keagan is afraid that a love born from tragedy won’t last and has to decide what kind of role she’s wants to have in Astor and her niece’s lives going forward.

“You shouldn’t have kissed me today.” I breathe along his lips as they move closer to mine.
“You’re right,” he agrees,, tilting his head, “I should have kissed you yesterday.”

Ahh where to start where to start. Dr. Astor seems to have lost a bit of the bravado he had in the previous books, and I was instantly curious as to why. His whole circumstance is sad and it was takes him a moment to be able to bond with his daughter. But when he does, there’s no shortage of sweet new dad moments that will make your heart melt. Then we have Keagan who I would love to be friends with in real life. She’s sarcastic and doesn’t have much of a filter. She’s very passionate, whether it’s in her dislike of someone or how much she cares. Every scene where she reminisces about a special time with her sister or has to deal with and process the loss, it is heart wrenching. [have a box of tissues handy] 😭

This is what he does to me – he makes me feel like I’ve always belonged by his side.

Astor and Keagan together are non-stop entertainment. A combination of back and forth sarcasm, emotional support, tender touches, thoughtfulness, and helping each other heal from their shared loss. While there are a few well written open door intimate scenes ( I mean come on this is Kristy Marie, she knows how to bring the heat along with some dirty talk ) the emotional journey of these two characters is what stands out for me.

The Refiner
 by Kristy Marie is a slow burn single parent romance with quality banter, handwritten notes, tree climbing, baby sweetness, shared grief, granddad jokes, trick or treating, ring pops, healing, and love.
—-Written by Amanda—

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