Funeral Girl by Emma K Ohland _ Book Review

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Sixteen-year-old Georgia Richter feels conflicted about the funeral home her parents run–especially because she has the ability to summon ghosts. With one touch of any body that passes through Richter Funeral Home, she can awaken the spirit of the departed. With one more touch, she makes the spirit disappear, to a fate that remains mysterious to Georgia. To cope with her deep anxiety about death, she does her best to fulfill the final wishes of the deceased whose ghosts she briefly revives.

Then her classmate Milo’s body arrives at Richter–and his spirit wants help with unfinished business, forcing Georgia to reckon with her relationship to grief and mortality.

[I received a digital arc from netgalley for an honest review]

Funeral Girl
 by Emma K Ohland is a Queer Paranormal YA following a 16-year-old girl who feels very much alone in her unique ability and drowning in her emotions.

Georgia lives in a funeral home with her parents and her twin brother. Ever since her grandmother passed three years ago , she has had the ability to speak to the recently departed with a single touch. She uses this ability to find out more about the people who end up in the funeral home and offer to fulfill a final wish. When Milo, a boy from one of her classes, passes away, it through her already unstable emotions crumbling. She touches him and isn’t prepared for Milo to not want to move on. While she didn’t know he in life, his ghosts forces her to face her own fears of death. She helps him find a bit of closure with his own passing and his parents, while he helps her heal the relationships around her and let go of her personal ghosts weighing her down.

This was a bit heavier than I expected it to be going in, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our lead Georgia has spent three years grieving her grandmothers passing, she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and she is terrified of death while her life is surrounded by it living in a funeral home. Her fears and her ability to talk to ghosts has isolated her from her family and her friends. For a sixteen-year-old she was surprisingly very forgiving. There is a situation with her brother and ex friend that was handled with more maturity than I expected in a Young Adult novel. I just really appreciated how all the different struggles Georgia faced were represented and the positive mental health & therapy rep at the end.

Funeral Girl
 by Emma K Ohland is a YA with an Ace MC, healing, grief, death, forgiveness, family, friendships and a satisfying ending.

Rep: Ace MC, Enby side character

—Written by Amanda—

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