Fella Enchanted by S.O. Callahan _ Book Review

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Fairy tales are for children. That’s what Peter had decided, especially after a mysterious illness swept through his village, thrusting him into the harsh, very unmagical reality of adulthood. Following a difficult recovery and an even more arduous struggle with finding his footing in life after losing some of the people he cared about most, Peter’s world is rocked again with the arrival of a stranger who takes a special interest in his story.

Quirky and confident, Breck quickly pulls Peter out of the sheltered and safe, albeit monotonous, existence that he’s finally settled into. He discovers that letting go doesn’t mean forgetting the past, it means gaining a future. But what if that future also holds a bit of magic, too?

Fella Enchanted is a new adult fantasy mm romance.

[I received a physical copy for an honest review]

Fella Enchanted 
is a whimsically adult MM fantasy by author S.O. Callahan.

When a strange illness befalls his small village, Peter is the only one who survived having the illness. He lost half of his family and the boy he loved. He spends his days taking care of his family’s horses and playing polo. When the new owner of the mill, Breck, takes an interest in him, his world changes. The fairy tales his young sister is fascinated with are very real, his life is all wrap up in magic, and it might determine his future.

His touch, his smell, everything about him was a draw that I couldn’t ignore.

Fella Enchanted has a whole cast of fantastic characters, from Peter’s caring family to Both Peter and Breck’s best friends, who are delightful. Our lead Peter is endearing, and you can feel his grief and struggle to overcome the people he loved and lost. Breck is charming and has big responsibilities, but still has a playfulness to his personality. His feelings for Peter are genuine and strong. There’s much more steam in the story than I expected, but I enjoyed every single scene. They each held a meaning and strengthened the connection between the two main characters. There are steamy recollections of Peter’s first times being intimate with his first love, Jamie. Then when him and Breck give into their attraction for each other their open door intimate scenes are passionate and 🔥🔥🔥.

This is single POV and I really wish we had been given Breck’s perspective. Not that Peter’s voice wasn’t strong enough on his own, but Breck is going through his own struggles and I think it would have enhanced the story. Maybe book two will be from his POV or at least have his in addition to Peter’s.

“I’m going to need your help every day,” I said , my voice barely above a whisper as I rested our foreheads together again, “to show me how to love you the best that I can.”

Overall, Fella Enchanted by S.O. is a wonderful debut fantasy that ends with a happy for now, and I can’t wait for book 2 because I need a HEA! It’s filled with family, friendships, magic, Fae, wishes, endless cups of tea, fresh baked sweets, and believing in magic.

—Written by Amanda—

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