The Rivals of Casper Road by Roan Parrish _ Book Review

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He’s in it to win it until he falls under his neighbor’s spell.

Bram Larkspur’s rugged, sexy looks belie his fear of all things horrifying. But as Casper Road’s newest resident, he’s excited to join the annual Halloween decorating contest. The competition is keen, especially from six-time champion, architect Zachary Glass. But when enigmatic Zachary sparks a prank war, it’s game on – until one sizzling kiss turns these rivals into allies. Now only one thing scares Bram: how quickly he’s losing his heart to Zachary.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Rivals of Casper Road 
is the fourth stand alone in the Garnet Run series by Roan Parrish. An opposites attract romance between horror fan Zachary Glass and his new easily spooked neighbor.

Bram had his heartbroken causing him to move away from his home 6 months ago and is starting fresh in Garnet Run, just him and his canine companion. With time on his hands and being new to the area, he decides to join his street’s annual Halloween decorating contest even though he’s not much for horror. The winner 6 years running is his neighbor across the street Zachary, who is a hardcore horror fan. He isn’t thrilled to have competition this year, especially a rival who creates disorder in his daily routine. When Bram makes sure their paths continually cross, they find themselves in a prank war and a friendship starts to form. A friendship that brings them both outside their comfort zones. But will Bram have his heartbroken again when Zachary has to choose between sticking to his plans or taking a chance on a future together.

Bram made him feel wild, untethered, outside the rules. It was dangerous and intoxicating. Unfamiliar. And a little bit scary.

Bram is an absolute sweetheart who wears his heart on his sleeve. His best friend is his canine companion and he has a close relationship with his family. He’s an instantly likeable guy because his joy and care is so genuine. Then we have Zachary who comes off as rude and rigid but his backstory of what he went through that made him the way he is now was heartbreaking. When we learn about why he feels unlovable and why he sticks to his routines, you just want to wrap him in a big hug. I did appreciate his love for horror because I am right along with him in regard to the genre. I thought it was sweet that Bram tried his hardest to give scary things a chance, even if he spooked very easily. Their relationship struggles with communication at times especially from Zachary’s side, but it’s not intentional. The two have a slow burn and relatively low steam romance with only a few open door intimate scenes.

Bram’s lips were soft, and he kissed with such enthusiasm, as if he were savoring every single sensation.

I love the small town that Roan Parrish has created, it gives me the warm and fuzzies. This is filled with friendly faces from the prior books in the series, and every time one popped up I got a smile on my face. There’s also a mention of one of them working on a graphic novel of a certain book from the series, and I really hope that actually becomes a reality !

Overall, The Rivals of Casper Road by Roan Parrish is a relatively low steam fall romance filled with family video calls, a spooky hayride, pumpkin carving, chainsaw carvings and doing what will truly make you happy.

Rep : Gay MCs, Jewish MC

—Written by Amanda–

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