This I Promise You by Jordon Greene & Kalob Daniel _ Book Review

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PRIDE AND PREJUDICE meets A WALK TO REMEMBER in this gritty tale of finding real love and learning to overcome in the face of adversity.

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Easton Belle is living his college dream: living with his best friend, underage drinking, working part-time at a local pet kennel, and running a successful social media campaign to keep a hardline theist out of Congress. However, that dream never included his horrid choice in men causing an unhealthy need to be wanted and his multiple sclerosis with its unpredictable symptoms. He also never expected to accidentally end up at a frat party that leads to a crazy drunk call and maybe the best days of his life. As long as this guy doesn’t find out about his illness, maybe it’ll be different this time.

Paul Acre doesn’t know what his dream is. All he’s ever really wanted was to get as far away from Kansas City as possible. So he did. But running away from the demons of his past doesn’t stop them from catching up to him when his new roommate, Huxley, and the annoying AF man-child who smells like spicy citrus challenge his entire perception on life. Then he gets a random call at 2 am from a number he doesn’t know, and a drunk voice he recognizes demands a knight in shining armor come to his rescue. But can he trust his thoughts and feelings? After all, trust is a weakness that’s hurt him far too many times.


TW: Mention of Rape/Sexual Assault, Mention of Abuse to a Minor, Mental Health, Chronic Illness, Underage Drinking, Adult Content

[ I received a arc for an honest review]

This I Promise You is a New Adult romance by authors Jordon Greene and Kalob Daniel. While this is a part of the Noahverse created by Jordan Greene it can be 100% read as a standalone with bonus cameos by past Noahverse characters for fans of the series.

“I think I hate you,” I say , but I can’t hold back the grin that swallows my face whole. How is he so hot and annoying at the same time?
Paul grins and rolls his eyes. “The feeling’s mutual.”

College students Easton and Paul do not have a meet cute that will make you yearn for them to be together. A bad first encounter leaves them with nothing but animosity towards each other. Yet fate and a meddling roommate keep making their paths cross and eventually they see there’s more to the other than the project to the outside world. But will secrets from one side of their new-found relationship be the end of them, or will they fight for their happily ever after.

“Just when I couldn’t be more amazed by you, Paul Donovan Acre, you go and surprise me again.”

This is one of those books that grew on me the further I got into it. Paul is not an immediately likeable character. He has major anger issues and until you know the reason behind it, he just comes off as an asshole. When we find out his traumatic backstory he doesn’t stop being an asshole but once he lets it out he starts to heal with the help of his best friend Huxley ( who was the best and a gem of a side character) , Easton and therapy. Over time, we get to see the romantic soul under all the attitude and lack of communication skills with his poetry and the way he opens up with Easton. His character just goes through so much wonderful growth that you can’t help but love him. He’s the one who gets hurt in the relationship with Easton, but it doesn’t stop him from fighting for their relationship.

“You are worthy, Easton Belle, of the most perfect love imaginable. And if you’ll let me, I will do my best to give it to you.”

Easton from the start is a sweetheart, and Paul just happens to bring the worst out in him. He is just adorable with his southern twang, love of country music, and plaid shirts. I love his close relationship with his best friend and his father and sister. It broke my heart that because of his multiple sclerosis, he feels like he’s not worthy of a boyfriend and finding love. He feels like a burden and settles for unsatisfying Grindr hookups and pushes away Paul instead of fighting for him. I’m torn with my final feelings towards Easton. On the one hand he was patient and understand when it came to Paul’s struggles with be physically intimate and then on the other hand he’s the one to emotionally hurt Paul but then doesn’t fight for their relationship.

It’s just him and me. No one else. No bugs or birds, no stars or sky, no ground beneath us. We’re floating in each other’s touch, cradled by sweating arms and euphoric motions that swirl in my mind, losing ourselves in each other’s love.

I loved the representation in the book. We have Easton, whose mentally and physically living with a chronic illness. Paul and Easton both struggle with social anxiety. The importance of mental health and positive representation of therapy. I liked that Paul continued to work on his mental health, even though he didn’t know where his relationship with Easton would end up. He wasn’t getting help just for someone else, he was doing it for himself, which is important.

The heat of his mouth seeps into mine and radiates through my entire body. I want this to last forever. I want this. Why do moments like this have to end?

Overall, This I Promise You had a good mixture of really heavy topics and lighthearted moments that will make you smile. A Queer New Adult hate to love romance with mild steam, with supportive best friends, games of pool, killer geese , poetry slams, trivia night , pickup truck picnics , stargazing, healing from trauma and fighting to be with the one you love.

—-Written by Amanda—


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