Let Your Hearts Be Light by Fae Quin _ Book Review

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A stranger is just someone you haven’t been forced to spend Christmas with yet.

Baxter: As a 42-year-old single father the last thing I expected before Christmas was for my daughter to sign me up for a community matchmaking event. The Christmas Buddies program becomes a challenge I can’t wait to overcome when I realize the man that has been assigned as my buddy for the holiday season is none other than Paxton Montgomery. He’s massive, grumpy, incredibly gorgeous (in a lumber jack kinda way), and also—weirdly enough—the only person in town who doesn’t like me. Can I change Paxton’s tune by the end of the holiday season? Or am I destined to spend yet another Christmas craving companionship and someone to hold my head up before I drown in the stress of my broken bakery?

Paxton: I’m not a people person. I know this about myself and I am at peace with it. The only exception I have is my son. He’s the most important person in the entire world to me. So I had no choice but to go along with his scheme as he rigs the Christmas Buddy drawing so we can spend the holiday season with the girl he’s had a crush on since junior high. The only catch: her father is a crucial part of the bargain. Can I survive the holiday season with sunshine golden boy Baxter bombarding me with his jokes and his too-bright smiles? Or will I succumb to my dark desires and strangle the grin right off his too-pretty face?

Let Your Heart Be Light! Is a standalone slow burn Holiday MM romance with high heat, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. It features a relationship between two adorable single fathers as they navigate the Holiday season. Together they’re warm, young, and tooth-achingly sweet. If! you like funny stories with too many dad jokes, Christmas magic, grumpy x sunshine, and lots of steam then read on

[received digital arc for an honest review]

Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved everything about Let Your Hearts Be Light by Fae Quin! A holiday romance between two single dads, one grumpy and the other whose sunshine is a mask to hide is overwhelming emotions.

I wondered if I licked him, if I’d taste sugar.

Paxton and Baxter are both single dads whose teenagers sign them up for a community program called Christmas Buddies. Baxter’s daughter in order to help her dad find a friend, and Paxton’s son wants to get closer to Baxter’s daughter. Paxton will do anything for his son , even if that means being paired up with Baxter, whose sunshine and happiness makes him strongly dislike him. He doesn’t trust him, but as he gets to know him more, he sees the cracks Baxter is trying to hide and realizes there’s much more to him than he thought. With the help of their teenagers and holiday activities, the two of them form an emotional and physical relationship they never expected. They both find in each other friendship, support, passion, family, and joy.

His hair was honey, his skin was spun sugar, and I couldn’t help but crave him in a way that was so terrifying I had no idea what to do with it.

I loved both our leading men. Paxton is a bit of a grouch and not very friendly to Baxter in the beginning, but he makes up for it when he realizes the error of his ways. He’s an amazing, hardworking father who fiercely loves his son. When he decides to let Baxter into his life, he takes on a caretaker type role and is there for him emotionally and eventually physically. Baxter was a baking sweetheart who was a mess of emotions, but put them on the back burner to be the dad his daughter needed him to be. Paxton helps him see he needs to stop and put himself first every once in a while, especially when it comes to his mental health.

All I knew was that in that moment Paxton Montgomery made me feel…like Baxter again. Not a business owner. Not Dad. Just…me.

Together, Paxton and Baxter were holiday romance perfection. They created a safe space for each other to be vulnerable and trust that the other would take care of them and protect them emotionally. The intimate scenes were plentiful and sinfully delicious. The settings range from the bedroom to the car to the kitchen counter. Once they take that next step in their relationship, they can’t keep their hands off each other. With their size difference and their dominate and submissive personalities in the bedroom, things are hot and dirty in the best ways.

“You’re a greedy little thing, aren’t you?” Paxton murmured as he nipped at my lips and I squirmed beneath him.

Let Your Hearts Be Light
 by Fae Quin is a perfectly paced holiday romance. It’s low drama, lots of fluff and lots of steam, which is exactly wait I want in a holiday romance. You’ll find the grumpy sunshine trope between older MCs along with forced proximity, Dad jokes, family sledding , copious baked goods and hot cocoa, ice skating, holiday activities, positive mental health rep, hurt/comfort, and a sweet happily ever after.

—-Written by Amanda—

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