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Thomas Mulvaney was just a child when an error in judgment cost him everything. He vowed then that he would do anything to atone for his mistake. And he did. He never strayed from the right path. Until Aiden.

Aiden Mulvaney doesn’t exist. He’s a lie created by the father who disowned him and by Thomas Mulvaney, the only man Aiden had ever begged to love him. But that was years ago, when he’d still believed in fairytales. Before Thomas rejected him.

Thomas has spent years trying to have Aiden in his life while keeping him at arm’s length, but Aiden’s done with half-measures. He’s done with Thomas the martyr. He’s just done. So, he’s kept his distance. Trouble is, now, someone is threatening to expose a secret that affects them all.

No, not that one. A secret so shameful, Thomas won’t even utter it out loud. Can he and Aiden revisit the past and keep the family name intact, or will they both be buried beneath the weight of their memories as their old feelings resurface?

[ I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Maniac by Onley James is the final book in the Necessary Evils series. Thomas Mulvaney appears to have the perfect billionaire’s life but his past is now catching up with him. He is forced to turn to the only man he knows he can’t have, Aiden. Aiden has removed himself from the Mulvaneys as much as possible to keep him from pining over Thomas with no hopes of the man returning his feelings. With such a dark secret trying to bring down everything he’s built, Thomas and Aiden must uncover who is behind the blackmail without losing everyone they care about in the process.

Thomas Mulvaney is a man with many roles. He is a father to his adopted sons as well as their partners, a grandfather, a CEO, philanthropist and secret lead behind a project to mold psychopaths for the US government. He has never allowed himself to be the one thing he wants most, Aiden’s. After so many years of pushing Aiden away the threat of losing everything makes him realize that maybe Aiden can carry the weight of his secrets and even love him still after he finds out. The chemistry has always sizzled between the two men but once they finally give in the sparks fly and there is heat as well as sweetness that both men need.

This is why they stayed away from each other. Being together was death by papercut and it would hurt so much worse when it was over, but he couldn’t stop. He wouldn’t.

Aiden has been the unknown brother who literally comes out of the woodworks to help when any of the Mulvaneys needed him. His feelings for Thomas have never wavered even when Thomas pushed him away again and again. The hurt from years of back and forth has led Aiden to be hesitant to Thomas’ call but this time he can tell something is different. Aiden just wants Thomas for who he is, not the mask he hides behind in the public. He knows they will work if only given a chance.

They think we should be together so we’re not… what was it they called us? Oh, right, an antisocial survivalist nut-bag and a short-tempered, day-drinking lunatic.

I have loved the Necessary Evils series since we met Adam and Noah in book one. This book had me slightly hesitant with the adoptive father/son trope. Thankfully, the author was able to clearly establish a timeline of ages and kept it from treading down a creepy path. With Thomas’ past finally coming to light I won’t go into details but of course there is a layer of darkness one comes to expect with these books. The dark is balanced with the heat between Aiden and Thomas and the humor that comes with the Mulvaney crew getting together to support both for the investigation as well as getting behind their relationship.

5 stars for Aiden finally coming home to Thomas to stay.

—Written by Katie—

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