The Best Man’s Problem by Sera Taino _ Book Review

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He can’t forget the kiss he shared with the best man.

But is he the best man for him?   

His sister’s wedding isn’t the ideal place for Rafael Navarro to reconnect with the man he kissed in a moment of reckless abandon. But it’s impossible to avoid best man Étienne Galois! The gorgeous Haitian photographer hasn’t forgotten the intimate moment they shared, even if Rafi is the most maddening person he’s ever met. Can the two find common ground, proving opposites not only attract—they can become lovers for life?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

The Navarros

Book 1: The Best Man’s Problem
Book 2: The Trouble with Exes



[ I received a digital arc for an honest review]

The Best Man’s Problem
 by Sera Taino is a queer opposite attract romance between a man and the best friend of his soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Rafael Navarro is a teacher who lives his life with order and routine, while Étienne Galois is an outgoing photographer who travels and lives life to it’s fullest. Rafael in a moment of weakness gives into his attraction and kisses Étienne only to regret it immediately and proceed to ghost him for 6 months. Now he’s forced to work alongside him to help him with his best man duties, so his sister’s wedding goes smoothly. The more time they spend together, Rafael learns there’s much more to Étienne than he assumed and eventually gives into their chemistry. But when Étienne puts his feelings on the line again, will Rafael once again run from his emotions.

Everything he experienced with Étienne ran visceral and deep, especially this, kissing like he never wanted to stop. It was so easy to disappear into Étienne.

I really enjoyed the main characters, Rafael and Étienne . Rafael took me a little bit to warm up to, whereas Étienne I knew that he was going to be so much more than what he portrayed on the surface. Both men have been shaped in opposite ways by an emotional trauma in their past, which brings a heaviness to their story. They have a back and forth of bickering and sexual tension that delivers with delicious open door intimacy scenes. The intimacy between them is passionate, and I adored that after their first time while Rafael is nervous the morning after, Étienne was immediately openly snugly and affectionate with him. That man had such a big heart and just wanted to shout his feelings for Rafael from the rooftop.

He kissed Rafi the way he did everything else- deeply, savoring each lick and bit.

The Best Man’s Problem has a rich and diverse cast, with more than a few queer side characters. Rafael is Puerto Rican, his parents immigrated to America when they were young and Étienne is Haitian, him and his family came to America when he was in his teens. Both families lives are enriched by their roots. I really enjoyed that the author had the characters naturally speak in Spanish and Creole throughout, which enriched the story even more. I also loved both their relationships with their families, especially Rafael with his sisters and father.

Overall this was a satisfying queer romance filled with family, photography, wedding planning, over thinking, sexual tension, steam, cheesecake for breakfast, and taking a chance.

—Written by Amanda—


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