Bro and the Beast by L.C.Davis/Joel Abernathy _ Book Review

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When musclebound frat bro Brad gets run off the road by a reckless driver, he thinks it’s game over. When he wakes up inside his twin brother’s favorite corny shifter romance novel, he realizes the real game is just beginning.

Desperate to get back to a world where he’s top dog, Brad finds himself in the crosshairs of Raul, the menacingly hot hero of The Wolf’s Mate, who’s intent on teaching Brad a whole new meaning to the word alpha.

Not only does Raul insist that Brad is an omega– his omega–but Brad is going to have to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t just a part of this fictional world. He’s a stand-in for the main character, and the only way out is to make sure he gets to his happily ever after.

Author’s Note: This is the first installment of a new mpreg serial following Brad, a quintessential frat bro and Raul, the brooding werewolf love interest he never asked for–and, in typical ’80s alpha male hero fashion, is never gonna give him up. Prepare for hot shifters, snark and banter, gay awakening, found family dynamics, sassy (and intrusive) siblings, a villainous heroine, cliffhangers galore, and meta mayhem.


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Bro and the Beast by L.C. Davis/Joel Abernathy is honestly just as ridiculous as it sounds lol Imagine you’re thrown into your favorite shifter book and replace one of the main characters. The story keeps going on as if you’ve always been a part of it but you’re still you with all your memories from before and the book details. (For me it would be like taking Ox’s place in Wolfsong by TJ Klune and I could say exactly what I thought of Joe’s actions to his face without holding back .)

Our Bro Brad is you’re typical straight, frat college boy who likes to work out and drink beer. He and his twin brother get in an argument when he makes fun of him for reader shifter romances. He feels bad and in order to apologize decides to read the book himself. He devours most of it without meaning to and then gets into a car accident heading to a party. When he wakes up he’s replaced the main character of the book. He finds himself the human omega mate to the alpha and noone believes he doesnt belong in their world.

First of all, I’m not delusional, so jot that down,”

Oh goodness Brad’s commentary was very entertaining. He has no filter, especially because he assumes he’s in a coma, and he can do /say whatever he wants. I was happy that we are given the alpha Raul’s point of view. It kept the story from being completely ridiculous. From Raul we get a traditional shifter romance perspective while Brad questions everything and is full of sarcasm.

I think it was a really good decision to release this as a serial. Too much Brad all at once but have been annoying, but the story was just long enough that I’m itching to find out what’s in store for Brad next.

In the end, Bro and the Beast was a very entertaining paranormal romance that doesn’t take it’s too seriously. Filled with shifter jokes, fated mates, two MCs who aren’t gay until they bond, an unexpected heat, knotting, and a to be continued at the perfect moment .

–Written by Amanda—


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