Bring Me Home by Annabeth Albert _ Release Day Review

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I’ve inherited my aunt’s historic house in small-town Oregon, and I need to fix it up and sell it fast before I move on to my big-city dreams. I’m one of the navy’s best investigators, but twenty years of living in base housing means DIY isn’t part of my extensive skill set.

Luckily, my best friend has the solution: his twenty-three-year-old son. Knox recently graduated from college, needs a room for the summer, and comes with a giant cat and years of remodeling experience.

Not only is Knox all grown up and hot as sin, but I recognize him. He’s the bossy, bearded guy I shared the hottest kiss of my life with. No way can my buddy find out I’ve got it bad for his son. But with all the stripping, hammering, and drilling, my defenses crumble one dance break at a time.

As our sexy secret summer fling continues, Knox also proves himself handy at fixing my grumpy mood and wounded heart. Now I can’t imagine a future without him. I can solve any problem the navy throws at me, but I have no clue what to do about loving Knox or the damage this could do to my decades-long friendship.

Can we build a forever together, or are we destined to go our separate ways?

BRING ME HOME is a small-town Dad’s-best-friend MM romance. It features a forty-something grumpy former naval investigator, a much younger ray of sunshine, a matchmaking cat, sexy times in unusual locations, enough heat to burn the neighborhood, and a warm fuzzy hug’s worth of found-family feels. Dual point-of-view and big fluffy HEA guaranteed!

BRING ME HOME launches the brand-new Safe Harbor series from acclaimed author Annabeth Albert. Knox, Monroe, and the rest of Safe Harbor, Oregon, welcome readers to a historic town with a tight friend group, memorable secondary characters, quirky businesses, and long-held secrets. Each book stands alone with a fresh couple, but the background mystery of the town’s secrets ties the series together.


[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Bring Me Home
 is the start of a new small town romance by author Annabeth Albert. A romance between a retired Navy Lieutenant and his best friend’s son that checked so many of my boxes!

Need. Pure, combustible lust and need sparking, making us kiss like ravenous beasts. Like we’d never had it and never would again, so we needed to gorge on each other.

Oh goodness, I really loved Knox and Monroe together. They had sexual chemistry and were light-hearted and sometimes cheesy with one another. Knox had the biggest heart ever, and his love for his siblings and town was simply precious. Monroe seems to have a game plan with his retirement from the Navy, but the longer he spends in his Safe Harbor, the more he questions those plans. Even with their 18 year age gap, they were both struggling with uncertainty about their futures. From the moment Knox moves in, the two leaned each other physical and emotional support. They both fall hard and fast for each other, and it broke my heart when they both thought that a future for them wasn’t possible no matter how much they wanted it. The intimate scenes with them are charged and steamy. I loved that younger Knox was the one who took charge in the bedroom, and Monroe went with it willingly. Knox is a total care taker , in and out of the bedroom, and Monroe trusted him completely.

“Damn, I love reducing you to babble, Lieutenant.”
“Monroe. Say my name again. Please.” I shuddered […]
“Mmm. Monroe, you taste so damn good.”

The story focus’ primarily on Knox and Monroe’s progress as Monroe tries to fight his attraction to Knox, and then they turn into roommate’s with a summer fling to so much more. There is also a little bit of drama with Knox’s dad and a dash of mystery with the cold case Monroe is trying to get reopened.

“Maybe I’d rather have the hurt than never had you.”

Bring Me Home
 in the end was a wonderful small town romance with an age gap, a roommates to lovers situation, delicious steam, spontaneous dancing, family, figuring out your future, home renovations, a weekend getaway, fighting for your future and a happy ever after. Annabeth Albert never fails to always get me completely hyped up for the next book in the series, I can’t wait for Holden’s book!

—Written by Amanda—


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