Cherry Picked by May Archer _ Release Day Review

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Never ask your brother’s best friend to… pick your cherry.

When I asked Jack Wyatt to help me lose my pesky v-card, I didn’t expect him to keel over in shocked disapproval and nearly tumble us down a mountain.

You might think a guy who’s been reading romance novels his whole life would’ve figured out a smoother way to broach the subject, but in my defense, I’ve been pining for Jack for seven long years, just waiting for him to notice me.

Jack sees me as sweet, shy Hawk Sunday: his Pride and Prejudice-obsessed hiking buddy; his dependable employee; the honorary little brother he’s determined to protect, not…deflower.

But to me, Jack is everything a romantic hero should be: tall, gorgeous, kind, and brilliant.

Or at least I thought he was brilliant… until he started getting so many things so boneheadedly wrong.

Like refusing to do the deflowering himself, but also, erm… blocking any other potential plant-lovers from getting all up in my garden.

And like continuing to see me as someone who needs protecting, rather than a man who needs possessing…

A man who’s determined to get his cherry well and truly picked this summer, whether Jack Wyatt likes it or not.

[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Cherry Picked by May Archer is the newest book in the Sunday Brothers series. Hawk Sunday has decided it’s time to turn in his v-card and wants Jack Wyatt to take care of it for him. Jack has been a close friend and he trusts him to make it a special time. The problem is getting Jack on board. Jack Wyatt loves Hawk as his best friend’s brother and one of his closest friends as well. When Hawk proposes his plan for Jack to take his virginity, Jack is immediately against it but when Hawk starts looking for another route he finds himself adamantly against that as well. Hawk wants Jack and has been waiting a long time to make him see that they could be so good together if he just gave him a chance.

Hawk Sunday is wonderful. He is a sweetheart who has been in love with Jack for years. He knows it’s a risk to proposition Jack the way he does but enough is enough. He wants Jack to see him as an adult who is capable of going after what he wants. He also is passionate about saving his town from a development that will steal the beauty from the Little Pippin Hollow. Hawk’s refusal to back down in the face of adversity and being denied what he wants proves to be Jack’s kryptonite.

He was two hundred tons of passionate feeling packed into one small body – the most intensely alive human I’d ever met– and like a comet, he left a trail of rainbow-hued emotions across my personal horizon whenever he came into my orbit.

Jack Wyatt is afraid to change the status quo with Hawk. He sees Hawk has grown from the gangly teenager he met years ago into a handsome man but hearing he wants Jack in every way scares him. His fear keeps him from pursuing Hawk the way he deserves and his jealousy turns ugly when others show an interest in Hawk. The two have had chemistry that everyone else in the town has always seen and when it’s given a chance, it’s explosive.

Jack reached out and ran his fingers through the back of my hair, cupping my head and leaning in to press a kiss on my cheek. My heart beat so fast I thought I might slide to the ground dead– but hopefully graceful– faint.
“Hey,” he whispered into my skin.

I adore a good May Archer small town story and Jack and Hawk’s is a fun one. The Sunday brothers have been finding their matches in unexpected partners and Jack is a great addition to the family. Jack took some convincing to see what everyone else has always seen, that he and Hawk make a great pair. With the beautiful backdrop of Vermont and the zany towns people helping in their own special ways Hawk and Jack find happiness on the mountains. With all the P&P references a girl could ask for this story is just a sweet and silly romance.

4.5 stars for Hawk’s pursuit of his Mr. Darcy.

—Written by Katie—


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