Book Reviews


Steadfast_ Sarina Bowen [link]

Keepsake_ Sarina Bowen  [link]

Better Love_ Daisy Prescott [link]

Baby Mine _ Kennedy Fox [link]

Baby Yours _ Kennedy Fox [link]

Miss Fix It_ Emma Hart [link]

Tequila, Tequila_Emma Hart [link]

Catastrophe Queen_ Emma Hart [link]

The Roommate Agreement_ Emma Hart [link]

The Accidental Girlfriend_ Emma Hart [link]

Misadventures with a Speed Demon_Chelle Bliss [link]

Misadventures of a Virgin_ Merideth Wild [link]

Misadventures with a Manny_Toni Aleo[link]

Unlikely In Love_ Ashlie Knapp [link]

At The Stroke of Midnight_ Tara Sivec [link]

In Bed with the Beast _ Tara Sivec [link]

Kiss the Girl_ Tara Sivec [link]

The Charm of You_ Jennifer Probst [link]

Unconscious Hearts _ Harper Sloan [link]

The Hating Game _ Sally Thorne [link]

Hot Mess _ Emily Belden [link]

Arrogant Devil_ R.S. Grey [link]

Not So Nice Guy_R.S. Grey [link]

Make Me Bad _R.S. Grey [link]

Fighting Gravity_Julie Adams [link]

The Wright Love _ K.A. Linde [link]

Good Girl _ Jana Aston [Link]

Dirty Exes_ Rachel Van Dyken [link]

Dangerous Exes_ Rachel Van Dyken [link]

Cheat Codes _ Emily Goodwin [link]

End Game_Emily Goodwin [link]

It seemed like a good idea at the time_Kylie Scott [link]

One Hundred Promises_Kelly Collins [link]

One Hundred Excuses_Kelly Collins [link]

One Hundred Christmas Kisses_ Kelly Collins [link]

Too Bad So Sad_ Lani Lynn Vale [link]

The Upside of Falling_ Meghan Quinn [link]

Anything For Love _ Melissa Foster [link]

Wicked Whiskey Love _Melissa Foster [link]

Don’t Speak_ Katy Regnery [link]

When Light Leads to You_ C.R.Ellis [link]

What It Takes To Fall- C.R. Ellis [link]

The Simple Wild_ K.A.Tucker [link]

Bayside Heat_ Melissa Foster [link]

Trails of Love_ Melissa Foster [link]

Bayside Escape _ Melissa Foster [link]

Wild, Crazy Hearts _ Melissa Foster [link]

The Red Ledger Reborn_Merdith Wild [link]

The Red Ledger Part 4_Meredith Wild [link]

Red Ledger Recall_ Meredith Wild [link]

Red Ledger Part 7 _ Meredith Wild [link]

Counting on You_Laura Chapman [link]

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating_ Christina Lauren [link]

My favorite half night stand_Christina Lauren [link]

Tossed Into Love_ Aurora Rose Reynolds [link]

Until Cobi_Aurora Rose Reynolds [link]

Drawn Into love _ Aurora Rose Reynolds [link]

Until December _ Aurora Rose Reynolds [link]

Only the Positive_ Elle Thorpe [link]

Only the Perfect_Elle Thorpe [link]

Only The Negatives_ Elle Thorpe [link]

Only the Beginning _ Elle Thorpe [link]

The Scars that Made Us _ Ina Herwood [link]

Bagging Alice_ Laura Barnard [link]

Marrying Mr. Valentine_ Laura Barnard [link]

Beautiful Sinner_Sophie Jordan [link]

Twisted Truths_Rebecca Zanetti [link]

Season of Wonder _RaeAnne That [link]

Misletoe Miracles_Jodi Thomas [link]

You’re the one I don’t want_Carrie Aarons [link]

Driven to Distraction_Lori Foster [link]

Slow Ride_ Lori Foster [link]

Cooper’s Charm _ Lori Foster [link]

Sisters of Summers End _ Lori Foster [link]

Like You Mean It_Jillian Liota [link]

Gentleman Sinner _Jodi Ellen Malpas [link]

The Earl I Ruined _Scarlett Peckham [link]

Flare Up_ Shannon Stacey [link]

Three Little Words_Jenny Holiday [link]

Hating To Love You_Erin Rylie [link]

Wallflower _ Krista Gold [link]

Shaft (a novella)_ Krista Gold [link]

Memories of Us _ Kennedy L Mitchell [link]

Mine to Protect_ Kennedy L Mitchell [link]

Next In Line _ Amy Daws [link]

The Last Wingman_ Daisy Prescott [link]

Fixing Him_Miranda Elaine [link]

Praying for Rain _ B.B. Easton [link]

Downfall _ Jay Crownover [link]

     Irresistable_ Melanie Harlow [link]

Undeniable _ Melanie Harlow [link]

The Promise of Us_ Jamie Beck [link]

Prayin’ for Rain _ B.B. Easton [link]

Hot Mess _ R. Linda [link]

The Promise of Us _ Jamie Beck [link]

Promise Me Nothing _ Jillian Liota [link]



Infraction_ Rachel Van Dyken [link]

Risky Play _ Rachel Van Dyken [link]

Kickin’ It_ Rachel Van Dyken [link]

The Line Below_ Ali Dean [link]

Kick_ Ali Dean [link]

Listen Pitch_ Lani Lynn Vale [link]

Payback _ Amy Daws [link]

Training the Home Run King _ Asa Torrence [link]



Taming Him _ Kennedy Fox [link]

Needing Him _ Kennedy Fox [link]

Chasing Him _ Kennedy Fox [link]

Keeping Him_ Kennedy Fox [link]

Dirty-Talking Cowboy_ Stacy Kennedy [link]

Sweet Loving Cowboy_ Stacy Kennedy [link]

Hard Riding Cowboy_ Stacy Kennedy [link]

A True Cowboy Christmas_Caitlin Crews [link]

Lone Star Christmas_Delores Fossen [link]

Sweet Summer Sunset_Delores Fossen [link]

Runaround _ Jay Crownover [link]

Justified _ Jay Crownover [link]

Misadventures with a country boy_Elizabeth Haley [link]

My Favorite Cowboy_Donna Grant [link]

Second Chance Cowboy_ A.J Pine [link]

Tough Luck Cowboy_ A.J Pine [link]

The Trouble with Cowboys _ Victoria James [link]

Nothing but Trouble _ Amy Andrews [link]

Home At Chestnut Creek_ Laura Dane [link]

Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy _Caitlin Crews [link]



The Soldiers Assassin _ Dominique Hughes [link]

Finding Fate _ Kennedy L Mitchell [link]

On His Six_ Patricia Eddy [link]

Only Love _ Melanie Harlow [link]

Gorgeous_ Kristy Marie [link]

Drifter_ Kristy Marie [link]

Limit_ Molly McAdams [link]

The Last Letter_Rebecca Yarros [link]

Deadly Obsession _ April Hunt [link]

Smooth Moves_ Marie Harte [link]



As I Am _ Melissa Collins [link]

The Proposition _ A.M. Salinger [link]

Who We We’re _ Melissa Collins [link]

Dane _ K. Webster [link]

Christmas Lane_Amy Aislin [link]

The Nature of The Game _ Amy Aislin [link]

Not Dead Yet_ Jenn Burke [link]

Give Up the Ghost _ Jenn Burke [link]

Bad Judgement _ Sidney Bell [link]

Rough Trade _ Sidney Bell [link]

Pendulum_ Joel Abernathy [link]

Arctic Sun_Annabeth Albert [link]

Arctic Wild _ Annabeth Albert [link]

Copper Creek _ Cate Ashwood [link]

The Secret_ May Archer [link]

The Fire _ May Archer [link]

Rewind_ Rowan Shaw [link]

Thirst for You_ Jaclyn Quinn [link]

Appeal to You _ Jaclyn Quinn [link]

Pendulum_Joel Abernathy [link]

Shift _ Joel Abernathy [link]

Masquerade _ Joel Abernathy [link]

Heal With You_ Nicky James [link]

Noah’s Song (YA) _ Jaclyn Osburn  [link]

Made For You Amy Anyta Sunday [link]

Coming Home _ Raleigh Reubens [link]



Whiskey Girl_Adriana Leigh [link]

As Dust Dances_Samantha Young[Link]

Strong_ Kylie Scott [link]

Down To You_ Jayne Frost [link]

Another Sky _ Jayne Frost [link]

Motion_ Penny Reid [link]

Space _Penny Reid [link]

Time _ Penny Reid [link]



Respect_Jay Crownover [link]

The Bastard’s Bargain_ Katee Robert [link]

The Fearless King_ Katee Robert [link]

Raw: Rebirth _ Belle Aurora [link]

The Bratva’s Bride _ Jane Henry [link]

The Bratva’s Captive _ Jane Henry [link]



The Prince_ Jennifer L Armentrout [link]

The King _ Jennifer L Armentrout [link]

The Necromancer’s Bride _ Brianna Hale [link]

Summoned to 13th Grave_ Darynda Jones [link]

Dangerous Magic _ Evie Hart [link]



A Curious Beginning_ Deanna Raybourn  [link]

A Perilous Undertaking_ Deanna Raybourn  [link]

On Her Royal Spyness_ Rhys Bowen  [link]

The Twelve Clues of Christmas_ Rhys Bowen [link]

Death Below Stairs_ Kat Halloway [link]

Scandal Above Stairs _ Kat Halloway [link]

Treacherous Curse_ Deanna Raybourn [link]

Four Funerals & Maybe a Wedding_Rhys Bowen [link]



Six of Crows _ Leigh Bardugo  [link]

Black City_ Elizabeth Richards  [link]

Hunting Prince Dracula_ Kerri Maniscalco  [link]

The Madmans Daughter_ Megan Shephard [link]

Haunting the Deep _ Adriana Mather [link]

All the Little Lights _ Jamie McGuire [link]

Leah on the Off Beat_ Becky Albertalli [link]

The Darkest Star_Jennifer L Armentrout [link]

The Confectioners Guild_Claire Luana [link]

The Tombs _ Deborah Schaumberg [link]

 The Devouring Gray_Christine Lynn Herman [link]

Storm and Fury _ Jennifer L Armentrout [link]

The Lyons Next Door _ Inda Herwood [link]



Career of Evil_ Robert Galbraith  [link]

Dead Girl Running _ Christina Dodd [link]

What Doesn’t Kill Her _ Christina Dodd [link]

The Silent Girls _ Eric Rickstad [link]

What Remains of Her_Eric Rickstad [link]

Somebody’s Daugher_David Bell [link]

Played _ Candace Dowds [link]

No Exit _ Taylor Adams [link]



Heartf The Fae _ Emma Hamm [link]

Seas of Crimson Silk_Emma Hamm [link]

Dawn of Cobalt Shadows _ Emma Hamm [link]

Clara _ Suzanna J. Linton [link]

Secret Burdens_Suzanna J. Linton [link]

The First Girl Child _ Amy Harmon [link]


The Life She Was Given_Ellen Marie Wiseman [link]

Two Steps Forward_Graeme Simsion &  Anne Buis [link]

The Song of Achilles _ Madeline Miller [link]

How To Keep a Secret_Sarah Morgan [link]

Hell’s Teeth_ James Fahy [link]

Witch of Willow Hall _ Hester Fox [link]

The Christmas Sisters_ Sarah Morgan [link]



It Takes A Death To Reach A Star _ Stu Jones & Gareth Worthington [link]