Review Policy




In my book reviews I like to keep them short and to the point. Highlighting my favorite things about the book and the reasons why I did or did not enjoy it. Most important [to me] is the my reviews be spoiler free so I try my hardest but if it can’t be avoided I promise to warn you from the start 💕

I am willing to read review books from the following catagories:


▫Mystery ▫ Horror ▫ Thriller ▫ Fantasy

▫Science Fiction ▫ Dystopian ▫ LGBTQ

Mental Illness ▫ Romance


mystery ▫ thriller ▫ horror ▫ fantasy

Romance ▫ Erotica ▫ Historical

Science Fiction ▫ Dystopian ▫ LGBTQ

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5🌟 This book was amazing. I loved every second of it. It is exactly what I want from it’s genre!

4🌟 This book was really really good but I just needed more of something wether it be charactor developement of storyline.

3🌟 I enjoyed this book but its wasn’t brag about worthy. It had alot of potential and will probably read more if its a series.

2🌟 Oh my goodness this book was not my cup of tea, it’s only redeeming quality is probably that the actual writing was good. ( I very rarely give 2 stars)

1🌟 Did not finish and if I did not finish I mostly likely will not write a review on it.

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